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I will be hated!


I have an opinion that I would LOVE to share. Desperately!

But I can’t as it could possibly mean the application of a westernized version of a fatwah. And I don’t need one of those. Who does!?!

It’s just, I mean, well . . .


I wish I could say.


Do not take this warning lightly!


I have, for three decades consoled myself with the notion that someone would one day understand me,
and that I would finally be okay with who I am.


I find myself, this very day, starting a blog so that I can finally voice my inner angst, passion,
emotion and wisdom (you may call it opinion – I call it wisdom) . . .

. . . as before today, I have not found someone who could listen to all I have to say.

So . . .

do not proceed unless you have obtained and been subjected to some kind of real heartache in this world
and at least a dash of tragedy
and from all this experience you have attained a REAL sense of humour.


Image from Switch is Sexy via Photobucket