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Miley Cyrus – A Strategic & Intelligent Young Woman


I have a definite opinion of Miss Cyrus, which I will share when it’s not 12:40am (like it is now).

I think that she has an incredible strength and sense of who she is,
and where she is heading.




Enough Australia. ENOUGH!

Pages and pages of junk mail, encouraging us to BUY in the lead up to  ANZAC Day

Pages and pages of junk mail, encouraging us to BUY in the lead up to ANZAC Day


One of the most painful elements of living in society is the bulk actions of others.
* Mob mentality
* Online trolling
* Consumerism
* Popularity of the Mass Media

Sometimes I can understand why people become hermits!

Despite all my ups and downs in life, my depression, my financial failures, my family, men, bullies and surviving an abusive relationship – I still participate as a member of my community. Despite many days of wishing to be dead, I still pushed forward looking of ways to stay alive and perhaps even become happy.

I knew in my head that if I just stayed alive, perhaps even tried to connect with a few people, then my life would eventually become richer and happier. A lot of very successful** people that I have seen or heard (workshops & podcasts), have shared their own failures in life, repeating the mantra that you only succeed by putting one foot in front of the other and taking a step. Then another step. Then another.

I really admire these people.



Seriously – an ANZAC Bear?!?


They look at the world with a clearer vision of what they want from it. What they’re prepared to ask for. What they’re prepared to give back. What theybelieve they deserve. They hold a certain quantity of disbelief (disrespect?!?) for mainstream media – knowing that what pushes a story isn’t accuracy, it’s popularity!

They know that to succeed you have to work hard and smart. They know that getting rich quick – doesn’t exist. They know that the images and lairy headlines on the magazines and daily newspapers and popular websites (ninemsn or yahoo) are tainted with bias, subjective ‘journalism’, sensationalism and many times, downright lies.

These people that I admire don’t subscribe to the need to consume everything just because it exists. Even though they can all afford to spend and spend and spend and buy, buy, buy – they are intelligent enough and intuitive enough, to know that this will not bring satisfaction. They buy out of necessity not need.

And they are not often swayed by promotions that use emotion to encourage a purchase. The kind of emotive pressure that is applied at Christmas and Mothers Day and Fathers Day, etc. You know what I’m talking about – the fluffy slippers in early May, the cologne in September and Danish biscuits in a tin in  December.


Yes - please honour the sacrifice of tens of thousands of dead Australian by buying a pretty apron!!!

Yes – please honour the sacrifice of tens of thousands of dead Australian by buying a pretty apron!!!


But over the past decade or so, this whole notion of ‘themed’ shopping has exploded in Australian culture. And it is really starting to piss me off! I mean, do we need plastic cups for sporting events (World Cup), or mini action figures for sport seasons (AFL), or activity books for religious holidays (Easter), or temporary tattoos for national celebrations (Australia Day), or giant (gargantuan in fact!) bears for American traditions (Valentines Day)?

Or . .

. . . and this truly and completely annoys me  – genuinely makes me angry –

when a solemn occasion such as ANZAC Day is used to promote the consumption of goods.

Coles – will donate 12c (twelve fucking CENTS) from every purchase of chic chip cookies (that cost $2.50).
Australia Post – wants you buy books, bears and aprons!!!
Macquarie Mint – are offering various ANZAC coins.

I believe that we have gone too far.

These items would not be available, if we weren’t in fact buying them. It true. Think about how early in the new year that hot cross buns eventuate – mid January – and this is because we buy them. We don’t wait or save them for a special treat on Easter Sunday. We buy them, eat them and re-purchase them many times over before April even arrives.

I so dearly wish that as a nation, we were more cognisant of the consumption and waste we are all participating in – every time we buy something that is seasonal.

I wish we didn’t buy Easter eggs early, only to consume and be forced to buy more.
I wish we didn’t buy an ANZAC dressed bear from the post office.
I wish that we didn’t buy the stupid sign from the $2 shop that says “Santa, please stop here”.

I wish that we were smarter than all of that!


The greatest honour you can pay on April 25th, is to get out of bed early and go to a Memorial Service.
It is a truly moving experience and is the least we can do to thank those who died or survived any conflict where our troops and support staff were sent.


Make the effort - it's the least we owe them

Make the effort – it’s the least we owe them


Marie Forleo
Natalie Baldock
Marnie LeFevre

We Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks?


Sorry about the appalling misquote,

.Glenn McGrath


I’m finding the current controversy with Glenn McGrath to be very interesting.
Everyone loves him because he’s such a nice bloke, don’t they?

I mean he supported his wife through cancer once, then twice and then as she was dying. Then he continued HER foundation to provide Breast Cancer screening & support in isolated and rural areas. Such a nice guy.

And if course he is a cricket player which makes him a demigod in our country. He bowled a ball really fast, was paid hundred of thousands of dollars to travel the world and stay in luxury hotels. He didn’t have to go to university or study a trade certificate to get there. He did work hard at perfecting his craft – just like the rest of us do every day.

However, what’s funny about all this . . . . . is how we don’t remember his reputation as a cricket bully. Did you know that he was labelled one of the all time ‘greatest’ sledgers in the game?

OF ALL TIME, people !!!

Like a badge of honour.
Racial slurs, weight & height pokes, food taunts, wife/mother jibes. Such a nice guy.

And, . . . .

“In 2008 I participated in a hunting safari in Zimbabwe that was licensed and legal but in hindsight highly inappropriate. It was an extremely difficult time in my life and looking back I deeply regret being involved”.

Awwwww – good on ya Glenn.
Thanks for the apology, you’re such a nice guy.

BUT – what I find the most amusing about all this hoohar, is people’s immediate defence or condemnation.

On the one hand, people are labelling his actions as indefenceable and others have taken to social media in his defence with the observation that the attacks are coming from a “bunch of pearl-clutching nannas freaking out”. Some people are even changing their profile picture in support of him.

We ALL have the right to an opinion – in everything – it’s called Freedom of Speech.

What is funny is when people use this Freedom to make themselves and their idols look like complete ‘bubes’ (I refuse to spell it ‘boobs’).

When we speak without actually CONSIDERING our thoughts and words, we dull the strength of our argument and in turn, chip away at our intelligence.

And WORSE – when we defend our idols at all costs and refuse to entertain any criticism of them, even when it is a blatant truth, we are actually chipping away at the intelligence of our society.

If you respect and admire someone it is IMPERATIVE that you also entertain that they are flawed. If you cannot, then all your other defensive arguments FOR that person are made invalid.

EVERY hero is flawed.
That’s just life!

My Body Is Borrowed, My Mind Is Not



I don’t know if I’m a fan of Beyonce.
My own prejudices and life-learned judgements impose themselves.
I’m not particularly proud of this.

But, I cannot deny her strength of character and her intelligence.

I was blown away by this mini-doco.
You will be too.

I hope.








A Life As Scripted In Nineteen Eighty Four


Have you read George Orwell’s novel, “Nineteen Eighty Four“?

An incredible web of ideas and observations on Western culture, that is every Conspiracy Theorist’s wet dream. I read it in Year 11 English (1986) and so much of it’s text has stayed with me, popping into my mind when I least expect it.

The torture scene via a rat cage (makes my skin crawl just typing the words!). The control and degradation of the English language with ‘Newspeak’. The boiled cabbage stench oozing off every page. The original notion of Big Brother. The whole idea of monitored and edited news for the masses.

Towards the end of the book, there is a scene where the poor soul who is the main character, Winston Smith, having been subjected to physical, mental and emotional torture and humiliating evidence of how he has been controlled throughout his life; is told of a number of ‘truths’ by his captors. Of those truths, the one that I remember the most clearly, is when Winston is told about the “Lottery”. How it was devised as a method to control the masses, by providing them with hope and a reason to continue working as drones for Big Brother.

It is a key tool, completely controlled by The Ministry, for the whole of the population to maintain their subsistence and for them not to revolt against the utter blandness, misery and hopelessness that they otherwise live in.

And it is a KEY idea that has stopped me from doing the same in real life.

I don’t play lotto (the lottery). Not because I believe that it is controlled by some faceless bureaucratic entity, but because I believe that when ‘people’ pin their future prospects/happiness/choices on the statistically unlikely win of a lottery ‘mega draw’ – then they are in fact being stifled to REALLY live.

And it brings me back, time and time again, to my own struggle of “Why?”.

Why do we

  • even believe we can win?
  • think our lives will improve?
  • WAIT, instead of just going and doing it all NOW?
  • believe that winning money is easier than saving it?

I am told by EVERYONE that I know.
I am told, that I must have a job, pay my dues and then work on my ‘Dream’ in the hours I have left. I must tow the line socially, not break the accepted rules and conventions of my community, and especially, especially – I must not stray from the accepted methodology of * working to make a living, *saving my pennies for desired trinkets and *dreaming of winning lotto.

But this whole way of thinking is crushing me.
I want to choose to be poor. For now.
I want to be allowed to make this decision.
I want to work every second and every minute building my Dream, so that I don’t live a life as scripted in the novel “Nineteen Eighty Four”.