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What is Wrong With Our Country?



Bit by bit over the past decade,
I have developed a steadily growing discomfort
at how my beloved Australia has been developing.


Australia has ALWAYS engendered a certain amount of racism

sorry Great Britain, that’s your legacy

First Settlers – Indigenous Aborigines + Irish + Chinese
Post WWI – Germans
Depression – Anyone with an accent
Post WWII – Germans + Italians
1950’s & 60’s – Italians + anyone with a Russian ‘sounding’ accent
1970’s & 80’s – Vietnamese, et al. + Americans (not Canadians) + Middle East
2000’s – Anyone who is Islamic + looks like they could be Islamic + has a strong accent from somewhere + arrived by via a boat of any description

This is obviously not an exhaustive list.
I could go on . . . 

A vast majority of our society
seems to be developing a more conservative,
and therefore radical,
attitude towards every kind of social behaviour.

Parenting, immigration, multiculturalism, sexism, pornography,
economics, art, education, beauty, media, celebrity, etc.

And this behaviour is becoming grossly unacceptable.
The behaviour of so many of my country men & women is abusive, ill-informed, bigoted and down right scary.

I AM scared.
I am scared of what my country is becoming.

Need some examples?


Yumi Stynes

Yumi Stynes
works in the media – radio presenting, television, etc
and is married with two children, and another on the way.

On a morning television show,
in 2012
she made a throw-away but inappropriate comment
about a serving Victorian Cross recipient, Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith.

Although she apologised on air and in person to the ‘victim’
(he laughed it off with laconic humour and holds NO grudge to this day)
she was attacked through out the media and in her personal life.

Facebook, her blog, her employers websites, emails
even on her way to dropping her eldest daughter to school.

Another mother,
who she did not know,
approached her and said:
“I hope you lose you job and all your money and I hope that you become SO poor that you and your daughters become homeless”.

WTF !?!?!

. . . – – –  . . .

Attacks on Women & Girls,
have also escalated over the past two decades.

It’s almost as if there is a surge against women’s rights,
being enforced with brutality and sexual assault.

These attacks are NOT confined to certain cultural groups
who are maligned in the media as being women-haters.
These attacks are happening throughout our society
– economic + cultural + religious + ethinic

Boys are STILL being raised as women-haters,
invoking violence, abuse and appalling behaviour.


Victor Dominello

Just today,
a news article was written describing the enormous despair
felt by NSW Minister for Citizenship & Communities, Victor Dominello,
towards violence against women.

He explained that in the previous week, while overseas,
he had learned of some unbelievable violent incidents
being perpetrated, and reported

Violence against our girls


Not in Saudi Arabia, where women have few civil rights,
or Taliban-beholden Northern Pakistan
or military-controlled Cambodia.

It was happening in modern Australia.

. . . – – – . . .

Julia Guillard

Whether you are a conservative or left-wing or anywhere in between,
I believe you would find it difficult to objectively defend the treatment metered out
to the then Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Guillard.

The majority of it was purely personal, much of it centred around her gender.

Just a taste of what was written about our  serving  PRIME MINISTER !

Just a taste of what was written about our

God it makes me sick when I remember it.

Think I’m, over-reacting?
Type  “Julia Guillard does not speak for me
into any search engine and see what comes up.

One of the the very VERY few who spoke about Julia Guillard
with objectivity,
was Australian ravishing redhead,
Eden Riley.

Julia Guillard & Eden Riley, Women Extraordinaire

Julia Guillard & Eden Riley, Women Extraordinaire

Eden put aside her own ‘leftie’ political agenda
(she has none, btw)
and interviewed Julia for her regular Friday blog posts: “Street Talk”,
where she would interview a stranger.

 The interview was refreshing and honest and unbiased.
It was one woman interviewing another woman.

But . . .

. . . towards the end of the blog post, Eden said “But she wasn’t getting a fair go. And I hate unfairness”.

Eden Riley was then, herself,
attacked in the media and online
for being biased,
some even going so far as to attack her
because she had not interviewed the Leader of the Opposition
(who was and is a man).

. . . – – – . . .

And peeps,
I think that is what is happening in Australia at the moment.

We are being unfair.
We are being stupid.
We are behaving in a manner that is ‘Un-Australian’.

There is SO much wrong with the world already,
why can’t we just build on our successes
and grow as a nation?

Don’t answer that question.
It’s rhetorical.
I already KNOW the answer 😦

I think that although this seems like a MAMMOTH problem,
that cannot be fixed easily,
it’s not!

All we have to do as Australians, is
and then think:
“In 10 years time, will I be proud of this moment?
Will I have made a positive difference?
Will I want my children to emulate me?”

If we were able
truly able
to act and think like this,
Australia would one day be a nation I believe we could all be proud of.

Not like it is today.







Hunger Games vs Fifty Shades of Grey


Now, I think it is well established that I believe that sexism is still rife in our culture and our age.


I fear that there are so many negative (& sexist) elements that our children are exposed to,
that teach them ways to ‘behave’ towards each other and people they are yet to meet.

As a specific example, please let me compare two hugely popular book titles (trilogies, actually)
released in the past year or so.

“Fifty Shade of Grey”


“Hunger Games”

Both claim to depict the main female characters as being ‘sane’ and intelligent. i.e. normal (sic)
Both have been HUGELY popular with young women IRL.

One portrays the female protagonist as strong, rational, caring, intelligent and pragmatic.

The second, portrays the female protagonist as virginal, passive, weak, self deprecating and irrational.

Which one would you like your daughter to read?

If Christian Grey looked like this,
would the novel be so popular?

Objectively, “Fifty Shades of Grey” is just a novel.
But does it transcend into cultural commentary when it becomes so grossly consumed?

Will it eventually have a negative impact on the next generation or two and how they treat
* unwanted sexual attention
* physical beauty in the opposite sex
* a young woman’s right to speak like an intelligent human being rather than like a piece of belly button fluff?

If, like me, you feel that “Fifty Shades of Grey”, is just an exercise in dumbing-down a generation of women
then please
go read this hilarious review by the wonderfully pithy Katrina Lumsden.

Maybe print it out and take it to the toilet to read . . . you may wet yourself from laughing so hard.

If you think I am full of shit and “Fisty Shades of Grey” is just harmful ‘Mummy Porn’, then I suspect you wouldn’t be reading my blog anyway.
HOWEVER – if you have stayed the distance then, gotta say, love your work!
Thanks for reading. xox

Love you either way!