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A Wish List



You know those times when you lie in bed, totally exhausted but still awake?
And you try to find a way to just switch your mind off?

But instead, you keep constructing lists for tomorrow of all the things you need to do.


What about on those hot summer nights when you just can’t get comfy?
You legs are sticking together, the sheets are too light but the doona is too warm.
A wet flannel on your ankles can’t even cool you down.

You know what I do, when I need to get to sleep?


Make a Wish

 Source: Bellafaye Garden Tumblr


In my mind,
I start to make list of wishes.

It’s a LONG list, filled with my passions and some hope and a dash of decadence.
Hey – it’s a Wish List – I can put anything I want on it!

The point is, as soon as I start constructing this list in my mind . . . . I fall asleep.
Dang it!

Current Wish List

  • my car totally serviced & fully detailed inside & out
  • go on a holiday at an expensive beach resort in Vietnam
  • have a renovated kitchen
  • weigh 20 kilos less
  • have a permaculture vege garden with 7 rotating beds
  • have a real shed with all the woodwork tools I’ve dreamed of
  • be blogging daily – and be making a living from it!

So . . . .
what would your Wish List consist of?







Man Therapy


I think it is well established that
a) I have a sense of humour
b) I have Clinical Depression
c) I like helping people

In that spirit –
* if you’re a bloke,
* with a mental health issue
(now or in the past)
* you still have a diaphragm with which to laugh
* you actually DON’T WANT to have a mental health issue
(now or in the future),
. . .
then check out this site.

You’ll bloody piss yourself laughing.

THE Office

THE Office

Seriously – go now!






If I said . .


. . . “He has poor reflexes and isn’t very bright”,

Would that be judgemental or just an observation?


Days 1 – 9 of my . . . 31 Days of July

Day 1 . . . No: 4 – Prune the feral rose bush with my chainsaw. Done & Done! Photo to come tomorrow!

Day 2 . . . No: 21 – Set up my treadmill – I never said I had to use it, just set it up (rotflmfao)

Day 3 . . . No: 17 – Set up a faux fireplace – I love this so much. Wish I had done it before.

Day 4 . . . No: 25 – Set up a new craft desk for myself. Man am I loving this.

Day 5 . . . No: 22 – Move the tv – doesn’t that look better?!?

Day 6 . . . No: 13 – Go for a walk

Day 7 . . . No: 9 – Send a postcard to my three nephews

Day 8 . . . No: 3 – Set up a direct deposit for a Rainy Day

Day 9 . . . No: 24 – I sat! I read! I didn’t move! And I did it for more than 75 minutes. Yeah baby! Not difficult when I get my new copy of Home Beautiful 😉

So there you go peeps. I have not uploaded photos, otherwise you’ll still be waiting for this post. I will upload them tomorrow when I do Day No: 10.

See you then.


One Of Those Days


I had one of those days today – you know the ones where everything is totally awesome
and you seem to have energy from some reservoir and you can totally do everything on the list? 

Which you know I absolutely did not do!

And it all started with a decent night’s sleep – not a great one, just decent.

It’s the first night in ages that I haven’t woken myself up crying or crying out from an emotionally terrifying nightmare.

So I got up and felt, okay.
And I jumped on the Autistic Bus and although I had my scary driver, I was okay.

Then I came home and got my chainsaw
and went and filled up the car and the gerry can with fuel +oil (for chainsaw)
and headed ‘bush’.

I found all the neat and dry wood that I had stacked at the end of last winter,
just waiting for me to start cutting and transporting.

Then I spent an hour flooding my chainsaw and not cutting even a splinter.
Oh well.
I stacked the back of the BeepBeep with a pile of sticks and thickish branches to get me through to Saturday.

On the way home I dropped the chainsaw off to get the damn thing started (de-flooded) and the chain sharpened.

As I pulled into the carport, I reversed in so that I could unload the wood.
After I did this, I washed out the new (secondhand) wood box that I bought at a garage sale 3 months ago (for $5).
I unloaded the wood, then got the vacuum cleaner out and proceeded to vacuum the hatch section of the BeepBeep.

This took 75 minutes.
Can you guess why?

I racked my brain trying to remember the last time I had even done this . . . wanna know?!?

At least three and a half years ago. At least!

After that I did a load of washing, grabbed my bib ‘n bobs for the afternoon shift of the Autistic Bus and headed back out.

At the bus depot I washed the windscreen and drivers window of the BeepBeep,
as I had 1/2 hour to spare.

Then this, then that, and some more of this happened and it’s now 9:45pm and I’m knackered
but I can’t believe what a totally productive and awesome day I’ve had.

Imagine what I’ll be like tomorrow if I get a good night of sleep again tonight.

Watch out world ; )

You know that ISN’T me, right?!?