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So It’s Christmas Eve

Although this photo is 5 years old,  it still cracks me up.

Although this photo is 5 years old,
it still cracks me up.

What are you doing?


I’m chillaxing.
Really superbly actually.

I’m more than a little surprised, as it could all be such a disaster.
You know – surviving the whole ‘Christmas’ thing on my own.

For the first time in more than two years,
sadly not an exaggeration,
I reclined on my back verandah
(on an old cane lounge)
drank a cold drink,
snoozed a little with my boys,
and flicked through some home porn (magazines).

Jesus, it was awesome!

I’m doing my best to just ride this current wave of *asthma*
– all encompassing as it is –
and come out the other side a sane (ish) person.

Stay tuned!

Merry Christmas, y’all.

Luvs ya’s




I downloaded this song tonight.
I don’t know why,
but it brings back desperately lonely,
yet ultimately hopeful feelings
from my teenage years.

When I dreamed of ‘escaping’ from my miserable life
(god, how naive!)

Still love the song though!








31 Days of July


Well, 28 actually!

My start to ’31 Days of July’ got screwed around due to lack of sleep. But never-the-less, I am here now. So let’s get on with it!

31 days, in the middle of the year, is such a gift. Without the pressure of other agendas (Christmas, etc), July is a great month to set some daily goals and just GO FOR IT!

Last year I did so well, and although I am off to a stilted start, I intend to surpass last year’s effort.

31 Days Of July is about setting 31 goals, one for each day. Each goal was written as an opportunity to enrich or improve my life. (See number 15)

Here’s last year’s list so can get an idea.


In July 2011, I finally followed through with my desire to create a blog. I thought my idea for a blog was dumb, as there are already so many craft blogs ‘out there’ and noone would want to read mine. Then I realised . . . . . . . . . . . . a blog isn’t necessarily for reading, mostly it for for writing.

So to kick start my motivation and commitment, I started with the 31 Days of July challenge:A project that would force me to blog about something every day.

It worked! I now love the opportunity to think, create & write.

This month I am going to attempt an action that will make a difference to every day. My list (in no particular order) is

1. Go for a walk @ sunset

2. Put a “gold” coin in every charity tin I see on one day

3. Put a fresh flower on the dashboard of my car

4. Clean my bathroom mirror

5. Send an estranged/old friend a card or msg to say “I just thought of you”

6. Change a photo in a frame

7. Make a stranger smile with a compliment

8. Go to bed 2 hours earlier than normal

9. Put I.C.E. in my phones, address books, etc

10. Drop some (homemade) cakes to a local hospice/aged-care facility/hospital

11. Paint something – a wall, painting, paper, toenails, gate . . . .

12. Sweep the front or back door-step

13. Sit for 30 minutes doing no more than sipping a drink and daydreaming

14. Give a single flower to a friend, just because!

15. Sweep under & behind the fridge

16. Donate 3 old towels to an animal refuge

17. Spend $20 in a small retail shop, that I know is probably struggling in the current economic climate

18. Have a ‘swing’ – yes a swing ON a swing 🙂

19. Write my Christmas card list

20. Go for @ walk at sunrise

21. Write an old-fashioned handwritten letter (& post it)

22. Deliver a care package to a local Crisis charity (Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc)

23. Wipe the fingerprints off the kitchen light switch

24. Put a funny quote on my 31 Days of July board

25. Read a book

26. Deliver a morning ‘cuppa’ to someone without any fanfare

27. Get online to register to donate my organs after I die (Aussies can do it here)

28. Make some art and hang it somewhere prominent in my home

29. Decorate 6 clear jars with white paint (on the inside)

30. Put some fresh flowers in my bedroom

31. Send a note to all my loved ones, letting them know that I am an organ donor


So that was the list in 2011. Here is the list for 2012

1. Write THE letter to Boof

2. Enlist another person to sign up on the Organ Register

3. Set up a DD for 10% of my income into a Rainy Day account as per ‘Bare Foot Investor’

4. Prune the feral rose bush with my chainsaw

5. Give  the apple tree it’s first prune in 20 years

6. Write out/address ALL the envelopes for my Christmas cards

7. Write to a short list of girlfriends to explain my absence for the last few years

8. Go for a walk on the beach at sunset with my boys

9. Send a postcard to each of my nephews

10. Go see a movie at the cinema

11. Walk to the end of the Busselton Jetty

12. ‘Do’ my hair and makeup

13. Go for a walk

14. Go for a walk

15. Go for a walk

16. Make a princess bed

17. Set up a faux fireplace

18. Buy a bathroom sink

19. Sew a new bag for the Autistic Bus

20. Give myself a manicure

21. Set up the treadmill

22. Move the tv

23. Buy an iPhone cover

24. Sit and read a magazine for over an hour without getting up

25. Set up a new craft desk for myself

26. Buy some new reg grundies

27. Make a chocolate cake, cut it up into eighths and freeze – for later consumption

28. Plant some seedlings

29. Plant some Everlasting seeds

30. Plant a tree

31. Say ‘no’ to something/one


Today I begin with . . .