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Oh God Why?!?


Out of sheer stupidity,
I have just consumed my dinner with a glass of red wine,
 followed by two huge glasses of cold milo.**

I feel sooooooooooooooooo sick.
What the fuck was I thinking?!?

I am seriously thinking of making myself go and throw up.
Would that be bad?
It would be bad, wouldn’t it?
But maybe I’d feel better.

But maybe not!

Oh god I feel sick.
Why did I do it?


Should I?


**¬†That’s a chocolately malt drink – for the non-Aussies!


In the time it took . . .


. . . . to load this new post draft page up onto my pooter,

this is how much I consumed of the subject of the post.

. . . . . .

I don’t smoke. I don’t do drugs (of the illicit kind) and I barely drink anymore.
But I HAVE to have a vice!

Hellllooooooo chocolate frappe.
And this isn’t the $5 ripoff (mostly ice – if you don’t mind) version from the hamburger chain
the $7 yummy (but currently unaffordable) version from the cafe chain – no!

This is the make-it-at-home and save $$$, version.

Here are the ingredients, that totalled $17.15.

Frappe Ingredients

Combined they will make a minimum of 8 frappes,
although I will have to replace the milk once
and the chocolate syrup will last at least 100 frappes.

Want to see the finished product?

Say it with me now – yummmmmm

And a closeup of the syrupy goodness?

Man, that looks good

So, in case you need it, here is the recipe to one of my bestest coping methods for depression.

  1. Whipping/mixing container (I used a tupperware model)
  2. Two dollops of chocolate icecream (I usually use Connoisseur Belgium Chocolate)
  3. Two tablespoons of chocolate powder (I only use Alpen Drinking chocolate)
  4. Good dash of low calory milk (might as well pretend it’s healthy)
  5. Shake really well
  6. Add more milk to top up the container
  7. Shake again
  8. Remove lid and chuck in the sink
  9. Zoosh on some canned whipping cream (at least 2 inches)
  10. Top with chocolate syrup (I went all-out and bought Hersheys, and it wasn’t a bad idea!)

I’ll leave you with some photos of one of my muttleys,
doing some “Quality Control” on the products during the photo shoot

Wasn’t that good of him?!?