I have been reading. A LOT !!!
I.Quit.Sugar – Sarah Wilson
Sweet Poison – David Gillespie
Sweet Poison Quit Plan – David Gillespie

Some of it has inspired.
Some has reinforced.
Some has terrified.
Some has depressed.
And so say all of us.
So here is what I have learnt that is worth sharing with y’all.
. . . . .
. . . .
. . .
. .
1. It’s not necessarily SUGAR that is bad for us, rather it is FRUCTOSE
2. FRUCTOSE is seriously dangerous shit. Like – seriously !!!
3. There is believed to be a link between fructose and cholesterol (more on this another day)
4. It takes 66 days (give or take) to change a lifetime habit
5. Be very aware of the dangers of replacing sugar with other sweet products, ALWAYS keeping in mind the quantity of FRUCTOSE not just sucrose (i.e. stevia & agave)
6. Changing habits is easy when shopping, simply by reading the carbohydrates/sugar content of the labels.
. . . . . . Under 5g is a good purchase
. . . . . . Under 14g is something to be considered
. . . . . . Over 14g is just a bad choice
7. I am imperfect, but I do try!
. .
. . .
. . . .
. . . .
Another day, I will reiterate how I now SHOP for ‘safe’ sugar-free/low food.
It’s MUCH easier than you think.




Coke?Chocolate addicts . . . . this is for you

What do I do to survive cravings?

I’m not going to lie – the craving were the worst part of the whole process.

Having never been a very healthy eater, giving up my comfort (high sugar) food was tough

My body ached for them sometimes
No exaggeration !

So how did I survive this?


Instead of coke, chocolate or sugary treats, I would eat the following;

* “Mission” Original Tortilla Chips with Greek Yogurt (no prep/eat anywhere)
* Cream cheese on Ryvitas or Rice Cakes (little prep)
* 2 hard boiled eggs (little prep/eat anywhere)
* Sliced apple with cheese pieces (little prep/eat anywhere)
* Oven cooked potato or sweet potato or parsnip chips – cooked in grape seed oil (little prep)
* Activated nuts (eat anywhere)
* Celery sticks dipped in Greek Yogurt (little prep)
* Leftover meat (especially roast lamb, yummmm) (no prep/eat anywhere)

Although I still have to actively THINK about what goes into my gob, I believe I am getting closer and closer to becoming an Automatic No-Sugar Eater

How cool is that going to be?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

So how about you?

What do you consume to survive the cravings?
Any suggestions for those of us still trying to get ‘there’.

1st July


Why Quit?

For a number of years I have been listening and reading and watching
as the Developed World has gotten fatter.


I’ve researched and asked about how we have become like this
and how we are suppose to undo the situation.

I looked at Asian diets, especially Japanese & Thai & Vietnamese.
I read about how foods have become more and more processed.
I researched the additives put into our food
AND the nutrition that has been taken OUT of our food.

I spoke to a number of elders in my community about their diets as children
and what they see and eat now.

I came to the conclusion that I had to make some serious but totally positive changes
in the way I looked at food
what food I should be consuming.

My biggest discovery?

That sugar has been introduced into nearly every food ‘type’ that we consume,
as a means of preserving the food (shelf life)
as a means of hiding poor taste (reduced fat content)
as a means of making me (all of us) addicted to the products (by food companies).

I am NOONE’S patsy,
and I refuse to be a statistic in the modern age.

I have SERIOUS depression.
I am addicted to Coke.
I don’t care if I die at 45 or 95,


I do want to be full of life, while I am alive!!!!

I cannot do that while I am addicted to sugar.

I will be reducing my sugar intake down to zero in the next two weeks, and then I will go ‘cold turkey’ for six weeks.

After that, I will reintroduce sugar in small quantities 
– no more than 15 grams a day –
and continue to eat a sensible and varied diet.

I have set up a Facebook page here
and will regularly refer to Sarah Wilson
and David Gillespie
and others . . .

Feel free to join me.
I will be sharing my journey, “warts & all”.

Pia xoxox





I Quit

Okay peeps.
I am in a ‘good place’ in a lot of respects.
I have just survived two and half days of bad depression
and a taxing workload (32 hours straight).

During the depressive phunk
I stumbled across this amazing book

Motivates and Guides - a fantastic read!
Motivates and Guides – a fantastic read!

I am using it as a guide to FINALLY quit Coke
and in the process re-boot my metabolism.

I may even be able to make a positive impact on my depression,
simply by changing my diet . . .

. . . albeit a BIG change!

I’ll be back later with an update on my day, my diet & how I went.

Wish me luck peeps!


Check out this link to find out more on Sarah and her IQS lifestyle 🙂





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