I will, over time reveal more,
as I relax with this blog that is truly my inner soul.

For now you will have to suffice with

* I have had clinical/sociological/pain-in-the ass depression since I was 15 years old

* I take happy pills for above mentioned malady

* I turned 44 on the 31st May 2014

* I love deeply therefore I am regularly in pain

* I am extremely Creative

* I am opinionated yet exceedingly empathetic

* I lost my two oldest dogs, Jack & Horatio in the weeks leading up to my birthday in 2014 and I miss them SO much – especially Jack. He was the most beautiful dog in the world.

This is me (& my mutts)

I strongly dislike this picture as I am so sick of being reminded how overweight I am.

I’m aware, god dammit!!!!!!!! 

Max, Horation & Jack (L – R) + Me


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