Frumpy Mother In A Tarago


I have been attending a LOT of courses and workshops in the past six months. So many in fact, that’s it’s time to retract back into my Purple House like a pinctada into it’s shell and see if I can produce something other than grit or sand.

My most recent foray into the world of business, marketing, networking and global change was a full-day workshop on marketing and branding, held by Marnie LeFevre. A bit of a marketing genius, Marnie has recently decided to spend a great deal of her energy and time on empowering women to become smarter, braver and richer so that they can change the world.

Now the workshop I attended was pretty confronting and I have to admit that I broke down twice in the morning. There were quite a few economically independent, intelligent and highly employed women at this workshop and hearing them talk about balancing their commitments and their families made me feel isolated and lonely.

But I had to push myself past this, as I knew I could learn so much if I shove those old scabs back under their bandages.

I was given the tools for personal branding, logo design, relationship to money, hourly rates, target market, personal presentation, brand essence, the golden circle of sales, blogging and database building.

Pretty full-on, huh?!?

There is so much information in my scone that I feel a bit surreal today. So much to process and to action. What surprises me the most is that today, I am not feeling a sense of overwhelm – which would be my normal response. I honestly feel like I have been gifted some extremely important information that will help me change my own life.

Including how I look.

You see, part of the workshop entailed a partner exercise, where a complete stranger within the group was given nine questions to answer about their opposite. The lady I was partnered with – Renae – was happily married with three children living on five acres near Kalamunda. I thought that she was childless, perhaps married living in an apartment in Scarborough.

Yep – I got it badly wrong.

Except I did guess correctly that she loved cats!

But how did she do with my profile? Well slap your gawkers on this list and try not to cry for me. You see, the whole point of the exercise was to show just how important what we LOOK like, represents our ‘brand’. Who we are trying to convey we are professionally and personally comes across in how we do our hair & makeup, the shoes we choose to wear and what clothes we are clad in.

It turns out that I present myself as an exhausted, overweight, middled-aged mother.











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  1. Okay, this is funny. You are such a brilliant writer. You know I love you! What about the Botox question!!!!!! I nearly spat out my coffee. I am not about to tell anyone how to look.But, I follow a simple methodology: mostly black modestly styled clothing, cheap but classic jewellery (large pearls etc), cheap dark coloured ballerines, hair smoothed back. I do wear a SP makeup base everyday and a bit of eye defining makeup. Cheap makeup that lasts forever. Now I do have some high-end bis and bobs but I am telling you my cheap clothing gets as much attention (good that is). It is really interesting. I would love to have that survey done. Wonder what they would say about the black palette and cover-all style clothing??? Unapproachable? Body image issues…lol. Makes me think about how I didn’t find love until my forties and as I have been wearing black for decades people used to say it might have warded off the opposite sex!
    I’ve told you before – you should write a column in your local rag.
    This is weird, but I feel like I have a little ghost-poodle in the house. Did you feel like that when H and J passed?

    • Oh Mel
      I totally believe that you have a GhostGinger. You won’t just see it out of the corner of your eye, you’ll also begin to see it in the behaviour of your precious Frenchie. It’s freaky.
      But it only proves your love and adoration of a beautiful soul.
      I think that your black fashion palette sounds very Audrey Hepburn. Ultra chic!
      I use to wear black all the time too, but circumstance forced me to change that. I’m not being too hard on myself after what I was told on Saturday – rather I’m going to keep it in mind as I forge forward.
      What other choice do I have, really?


      Sorry about the mishap with your coffee 😉

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