Why The Death Of A Dog I’ve Never Met, Broke Me


You would be forgiven for believing that we have never lived in a more dangerous and deadly age.
Death penalty by firing squad.
Deadly earthquakes.
Extremists murdering school children.
Deadly riots in the ‘Land of the Free’.

However, the truth is the opposite.

We live in the safest ‘age’ since we evolved into being 200,000 years ago. Although this knowledge doesn’t really dampen the genuine sorrow following the tragedies we have seen in the past week. Carnage and death all over our blue planet. Mostly by our own hands.

However, it’s not any one of these tragedies, nor the combined sadness of them all that dropped me into a sea of sadness this evening.

It was the death of a dog that I have never met.

My online friend Mel, lost her beloved poodle just recently. And I sobbed as I read her words. I crumpled  in my chair and covered my face with my hands, and sobbed. I still feel utterly wretched at losing Horatio and Jack eleven months ago. Almost a year – I can’t quite believe that number.

Ginger having a nap after a bedtime story

Ginger having a nap after a bedtime story


Despite all the human casualties that have passed in the near gone days, only the news of Ginger’s death was enough to make me succumb to misery. Dogs are such genuinely wonderful creatures whose hearts are larger than their earthly bodies. All they do is give.

But somehow I need to move past my sadness, so I will attempt to empower myself with the words that Mel shared about her departed pooch . . .

 . . . . ” all pets returning to their healthy state, trotting around with butterflies and birds”.

So my Beloved Jack & Horatio – please take Ginger under your wings and show him around. Show him where the sweetest water is, where the sunniest patch is and take him to your fluffy warm bed each night.

I know you’ll all be best buds.

I love you.
Thank you for loving me all those years.







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  1. Dear Pia
    You know…I nearly emailed you to tell you ‘more’ personally. I am so glad I have met you via the world of blogging (I’ve told you before that if we worked together you and I would have been in the Library workroom laughing about all sorts of nonsense and stuffing biscuits in to our mouths). The thought of Ginger trotting around with Jack and Horatio (or should that be J and H ;D ) makes me do a little dance, but I am very, very sad. I keep saying that pampered pooch had a long, long innings and gave me so much joy…therein lies the problem doesn’t it??
    I am so thrilled to see your tribute today. I know I rarely comment on your posts, but I really enjoy the enquiring nature of your words.
    Lots of other things happening around us that can also make the heart sink when things are tough in a home, this can compound feelings. Stay focused on your renovations!!!! That window better friggin’ arrive!!!

    • Hi Mel
      I’m sorry I didn’t respond immediately. I couldn’t. Even now, I am on the brinks of tears.
      I am so lost without Jack & Horatio and it pains me to think of you in the same situation. I know that it’s normal for Grief to last as long as it needs, and I know I should try to focus on what I HAD rather than what I have LOST like you are managing to do) – but in truth, without someone else to love (a child, a friend, a parent, a lover) I’m just not able to.
      I’m so grateful for your words – no matter when you send them. It means the world to have a genuine connection.
      Please give your Frenchie fur-baby an extra hug from me tonight.
      Max is currently lying in a small strobe of sunlight next to me, and I just know that if I attempt a cuddle he will grizzle. Maybe later.


      I bags that those biccies in the backroom are montecarlos & mint slice 😉

  2. Pia, I thought I wrote you a long appreciative reply for shouting out to me and dogs. It may not have published….
    You and I are one with our love of dogs. Xxx

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