25th April, 2015


I didn’t make it to the Dawn Service this year.

I didn’t get to bed until 2:30am and the thought of a 5:00am rise, plus a full day of renovations then four+ hours of work at the very end of the day, meant that the very thought made me feel exhausted.

For the first year ever, the Dawn Service in my town was moved away from our ANZAC Memorial Park. It has grown so big over the years, and realising that 2015 was the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli Landing , the crowds were going to be bigger than the park itself.

So it was moved to our beach foreshore.

Every year that I have attended the Dawn Service, there have been at least 500 people. Old, young, middle aged. Infants, small children, teenagers. It is such a solemn occasion that not a single person makes a sound. Even the youngest child is quiet.

This year they had over 4000 people attend. Even the foreshore park was not big enough and people were spilling onto the roads.

Thank you Busselton. Thank you for cherishing those we have lost over the generations and for showing respect for the sacrifice that comes with war. For all those involved.

Did you go to a Dawn Service somewhere?

Try to go next year – you will never regret the small sacrifice of an early (and cold) rise to show that you honour the sacrifice of those past and present who defend our country.

If you , like me, would like to make just the smallest contribution to those returning service men & women, then perhaps you could donate $5 to the ONE organisation that actively cares for our returned groups –  the Australian Defence Force Assistance Trust. This Trust channels funds into real and genuinely effective programs for returned service personnel.

Just $5.

Lest we forget!







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