1:51 AM


Another day full of ‘bits’.

I really am an odd soul. My days are spent doing such a variety of activities that no day is a repeat of any other. Most other people don’t really ‘get’ how I spend my time. Which is understandable.

I don’t have a single room in my home that is organised or established with a purpose. Every single room has debris from my old shop (closed over 27 months ago), unfinished craft projects, items in boxes for other rooms (i.e. the kitchen) or misplaced furniture.

My bedroom is the only room that even resembles it’s true purpose, although it still has odd furniture and boxes and of craft items. My kitchen is the absolute worst room.


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Today I spent three hours cleaning up filthy drywall, animal droppings, asbestos dust and random insulation. Everything went into double bags ready for proper disposal. Then I brought the hose inside and cleaned away even more layers of grot and grime, the detritus draining through the uneven floorboards.

I also did a couple of loads of washing, ate some scrummy spag bog, gave Max some loves and had a five minute catchup with my girlfriend, S. I hung some of my art on the wall of my study, worked five hours with very sore feet and at 11pm, I stopped into S’s place and drilled some holes into a plastic container so I could then re-pot an orchid for her. (She’s going away for ten days and really wanted it to be alive when she returned.)

I was also subjected to a road-rage incident. A car full of drunk teens, no rear lights on their vehicle and some seriously dodgy driving. I called Mr Plod, but I doubt anything would have happened to them. I wasn’t scared, just really annoyed. Some people are such dickheads.

I’ve had my 1/4 of Mirtazapine and am feeling just slightly drowsy.

I might go to bed – and dream of gorgeous white kitchens and fresh biscuits from the oven. Oh that would be a dream!

I wander what tomorrow will bring . . .








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