An Itchy Ear Canal + 22 Years


An Itchy Ear Canal

Lots of people get hayfever.
It’s a buggar of a thing that is more debilitating than we like to give credit to.

I am not unique in suffering from it nor are my symptoms unusual in sufferers. However, some of the symptoms that manifest aren’t talked about very much in general public – you know like on the antihistamine ads on the telly – and I need to do something about that.

Now I do exhibit the normal list of identified complaints such as itchy eyes, tickled nose, sneezing, hives and irritated soft palate (roof of my mouth),
I also suffer from less talked about maladies of the condition, that I am aware others suffer from. Some of them are absolute rippers, too!

The absolute worst of which is when my inner ear canal gets irritated and itchy. I swear it is an amazingly surreal situation to have an itch in a place you cannot scratch.

Not that I don’t give it a red hot ‘go’.

I have tried to gain some relief by poking around in my ear with a number of items, the least dangerous being my little finger and the least intelligent being a toothpick. But that’s not all . . . how about a letter opener, cotton buds, bobby pins and a wooden skewer!?! Are you starting to see how irritating it must be to have this particular hayfever malady?

To be honest with you though, I am utterly grateful to live in a country that supplies cheap and easy-to-access antihistamines and to live in a part of the country that isn’t a total dust bowl.

There’s always a bright side 😉


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22 Years

How passionate are you? Is there some fire burning in you on a deep level about an issue that is really important to you. A social issue? A wrong that you need to right?

I do, although I don’t know anybody who is aware of it.
I want to permanently change the Foster Care system in Australia so that it is a world leader in the care and nurturing of children who are at risk.

If you ask me how I’m going to do this – I can’t tell you why.
‘Cause I just don’t know.

If you ask me how long it will take – I’m not going to be able to say.
‘Cause I have no idea.

Then I saw this story about an ‘Everyman’ in rural India – a dude called Dashrath Manjhi – who ploughed fields (by hand!!!) to make a living,
he also spent twenty two years to cut a highway through a mountain.

To link his poor and isolated village with the more affluent and advanced village on the other side of the mountain.

With a hammer and chisel!

No shit!



And it makes me look at my hidden passion, and reaffirms that I need not place a timeline on my goal to make change. I can chip away at it. Moving one obstacle at a time, and I can be flexible as to how to attack the next stage of the process. I don’t have to look at the enormity of my task, I can simply look at making an impact in any way that I can.

Instead of seeing the mountain, I am going to see the highway.



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