The Year Of Kindness & Gratitude – a Ripple Effect



I have spoken before about my desire to re-work my existence from Depression, loss, envy and regret, to a new outlook of Gratitude and Kindness. It’s not a journey I am embarking on with haphazard attitude – I work on it EVERY day.

*  When I hang out a load of washing – I compile a Gratitude list.
*  When someone is cracking the shits, at me – I consider how kindness from me, would alter their perspective.
*  When I am driving to my boring part-time job – I compile a Gratitude list.
*  When I start my part-time job of an evening, I buy donuts or peanut biscuits (so frickin’ yummy) to share with my co-workers a couple of hours into our shift (it goes down an absolute treat, let me tell you).

So just as a stone plonking into a puddle, causes first a small ripple, which becomes a second bigger ripple and then a third larger ripple, and so on and so on . . . I am planning to have the same effect on my life and my psyche.

What do you think?
Good idea?!?









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  1. Dear Pia, such a beautiful thing to do, and not easy to stick at when those around you may cause you sadness. No one is immune – I just had the most vexatious nonsense said about me at my chalkface and I have very little or no right of reply, I like your idea and it has made me feel better!!! Love to you in the WEST! Xx
    PS Great how something like a cake or biscuits can be so well-received when it’s given out of its usual context.

    • Oh crap Mel. I am not happy to hear that you are facing this sort of bullshit. It happened to me so many times that I honestly believed that I deserved it in the end . . . but it’s not true!
      Do what you have to do to be happy – if that means fighting it, then do it. If it means turning your back and getting on with your job, then do that. Whatever makes you able to feel resolved and honourable. I hope Mr Darcy is looking after you and is supporting you through it all. It makes all the difference.
      My love to your beautiful


  2. That is awesome 🙂 I used to keep a lolly jar on my desk, and wander around just after a busy time and share, though It did get pricey so I told everyone they had to contribute after a while lol.

    Every little kindness adds up. It is a great way to be 🙂 Keep going it helps.

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