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So much going on my day and in my brain. Blood testing for diabetes, sewing a wedding ensemble, lots of walks on the beach, learning to crochet. Fireworks at my part-time job, winning a competition, knocking down walls, organising my life.

All while I am trying to build my website – and by did I am getting sick of it.

Christ knows how anyone can be a software developer. It must be so bloody frustrating. I take one step forward and then five or six back.

That’s life isn’t it?!?

So I’m going to ‘suck it up’ and just keep trying.







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  1. Pia! No wonder you feel frazzled!!! The Wedding ensemble is a piece of wearable Art, I love! What are you going to crotchet? Have you seen that the granny square vests are back in Vogue? LOL. I can’t do any technical nonsense on computers….I admire anyone who can.
    Hope you are allowed to demolish that wall. ;D xxx
    Let us know what was said about your blood sugar. Bit worried about mine some days…have a fair bit of stress at the chalkface…you can imagine…and not the best diet some work days. I must get back into walking. Best medicine.

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