Being An Empath – In This Heartless World



Life’s pretty hard in a normal kinda way – let’s face it.

Depending on where you were born you may encounter famine, slavery, mutilation, abuse, police brutality, gender bias, poverty, harassment, persecution, infanticide, unemployment, poor/no education, economic prejudice . . . . . .

Now I was born into a family of six that included a Mum & a Dad plus four children, where I was the eldest. We had a roof over our heads, we always had food and a warm bed. I had (relatively) free education until I was seventeen. I was allowed to have a boyfriend. I am allowed to marry whomever I choose. I’m allowed to apply for any job or career I want. The police aren’t allowed to abuse or detain me. I am protected by the same laws as all the other citizens in my country. I have the same skin colour as the majority of those in my country and therefore face no discernible injustices. I have access to free or affordable (as compared to our GDP) healthcare, including feminine hygiene products, GP’s, hospital, dental and ambulance. I have the capacity to rent a high quality computer and have access to fast and large internet downloads. I have the opportunity to grow and learn and reach my full potential, if I choose to stop living the life of an excuse maker or blamer.


I am MORE than lucky in life.

I have been gifted by pure happenstance at birth, the chance to become whoever I dream of being. More than two thirds of the world’s population, that’s over 4 BILLION people – are not given this opportunity. Which is why I have been working so hard to turn my life around and





EVERY day, I find something to be grateful for, and list five specific elements of that thing. I am trying to collate a Gratitude Journal, however time sometimes disallows this. In my mind though, it is going off like a firecracker!

But this doesn’t mean that I am casting a Blanket Of Complacence over my life, simply because I am grateful for what I have – on the contrary.

Being an Empath means that my whole life I have felt like I had to fighting for others’ causes as they were being persecuted or simply not given the advantages of Life that I had been. I would really fight. Battle! Swing metaphoric punches and in general look for confrontation. Because there is a lot that still has to change. There is still so much that is happening on this beautiful Blue Planet that is wrong – I just didn’t know that I didn’t have to be the one to fix it all.


Maxxy Moo

Maxxy Moo


But over time I have read a lot of books, and subscribed to words of many bloggers and watched countless videos online and viewed umpteen beautiful and powerful movies via DVD. I have used these amazing publications to build a kinder world for myself. A place where I am growing into the real Pia, and in response my psyche is healing. I am seeing, that as am Empath I can still be happy while offering solutions to others who are not as happy or safe or cared for, as me.

It is a big deal to grant yourself permission to be happy and content when you are acutely aware of the pain of others. A BIG deal.

But the analogy of the oxygen mask on a plane if just the best way to justify this – ALWAYS put your own oxygen mask on first, before fitting them on others. You simply cannot help more people if you have already passed-out yourself.

Help yourself, then help others.


That’s some good advice wouldn’t you agree?!?



Feb 2015









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  1. Pia, I know you are an empathy because you have the ‘eyes’. Don’t you think that is true about people’s eyes…we are doing a little course about The Science of Happiness with the workers at the chalkface ATM. I am really enjoying listening to our school counselor. Have you heard of this group on the ‘net? Did you already blog about it? I better check your posts. Very hard to watch the news, but you have to engage to then help others…no matter how small or big. I just said to Mr Fascinata, ‘how am I going to live without a poodle around…?’ Ginger is at my feet sleeping – then I saw Maxy Moo Moo. Love to you, xxx

    • Please give Ginger a special extra hug for me.
      I have heard about the Science of Happiness and watched quite a few videos/documentaries on it as well as reading a few online articles.
      Easily the strongest element I discovered was GRATEFULNESS.
      It’s something I am now practising every day and trying to work into each part of my life.
      My love to both you and your gorgeous pooches 🙂

      Pia xx

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