Enfant Eclat De Rire




The store that I work in, doing nightfill at least four nights of the week, is in a very popular holiday destination. In fact, it is repeatedly the most prosperous store in the state.

So we don’t just see locals, but lots of holiday makers too – ‘blow ins’.

Being such a favourite holiday spot, especially for those from our Capital City, and being a beachside town, we have lots of families come to stay. And they spend quite a bit of time and money in the supermarket where I unpack boxes and fill the shelves.

For the whole of Summer, the store is open longer hours – so the holidayers can spend their money ass late as they like – which means we fill the shelves with customers in the store. Although this is annoying at times and definitely makes our job take longer, the truth is, that there is a wonderfully positive aspect to this intrusion.

The laughter of children.

Quite often there are tears and tantrums, but there is always laughter. And it is such a beautiful sound. One of my favourite sounds in the world.

And tonight, a child came tearing around the corner of one aisle running from the Father to the Mother who was picking up some milk. And the sound, the child’s laughter, was such a sweet melody. Tinkling and genuine – I saw the face of other adults in the store respond to the sound with joy. Such a beautiful sound – a child’s laugh.

And walking down my aisle at the time, was a couple with a baby in the Father’s arms. The baby could have been no more than four months old. As the other child’s laughter peeled through the store, I noticed that the Father of the baby lifted his precious bundle to his lips and gave him a gentle kiss and nose rub.

It was such a deed of protection and genuine love. An instantaneous action.

It made me smile.

While the News and the Internet report the repeated misery of our World, there at my work place were two signs of love and joy. I am carrying their presence with me now.

I am so grateful.




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