We Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks?


Sorry about the appalling misquote,

.Glenn McGrath


I’m finding the current controversy with Glenn McGrath to be very interesting.
Everyone loves him because he’s such a nice bloke, don’t they?

I mean he supported his wife through cancer once, then twice and then as she was dying. Then he continued HER foundation to provide Breast Cancer screening & support in isolated and rural areas. Such a nice guy.

And if course he is a cricket player which makes him a demigod in our country. He bowled a ball really fast, was paid hundred of thousands of dollars to travel the world and stay in luxury hotels. He didn’t have to go to university or study a trade certificate to get there. He did work hard at perfecting his craft – just like the rest of us do every day.

However, what’s funny about all this . . . . . is how we don’t remember his reputation as a cricket bully. Did you know that he was labelled one of the all time ‘greatest’ sledgers in the game?

OF ALL TIME, people !!!

Like a badge of honour.
Racial slurs, weight & height pokes, food taunts, wife/mother jibes. Such a nice guy.

And, . . . .

“In 2008 I participated in a hunting safari in Zimbabwe that was licensed and legal but in hindsight highly inappropriate. It was an extremely difficult time in my life and looking back I deeply regret being involved”.

Awwwww – good on ya Glenn.
Thanks for the apology, you’re such a nice guy.

BUT – what I find the most amusing about all this hoohar, is people’s immediate defence or condemnation.

On the one hand, people are labelling his actions as indefenceable and others have taken to social media in his defence with the observation that the attacks are coming from a “bunch of pearl-clutching nannas freaking out”. Some people are even changing their profile picture in support of him.

We ALL have the right to an opinion – in everything – it’s called Freedom of Speech.

What is funny is when people use this Freedom to make themselves and their idols look like complete ‘bubes’ (I refuse to spell it ‘boobs’).

When we speak without actually CONSIDERING our thoughts and words, we dull the strength of our argument and in turn, chip away at our intelligence.

And WORSE – when we defend our idols at all costs and refuse to entertain any criticism of them, even when it is a blatant truth, we are actually chipping away at the intelligence of our society.

If you respect and admire someone it is IMPERATIVE that you also entertain that they are flawed. If you cannot, then all your other defensive arguments FOR that person are made invalid.

EVERY hero is flawed.
That’s just life!


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