Valentine’s Day


Val #1


So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.

Although I’ve never been a huge fan of it, I’ve never really been ‘against’ it. The red roses and chocolates and romantic dinners – all seem like lovely gestures of affection. Making an effort for someone you love is important. One day a year to remind ourselves of this importance is a great idea, in my humble opinion.

Heck, I’ve even accepted a marriage proposal on a Valentine’s Day (another story for another time).

But . . . .

. . . . Valentine’s Day is now a recognised economic boon for associated businesses to make higher gross sales than the previous year. Hotels, florists, chocoletiers, restaurants, jewellers, greeting card companies, novelty manufacturers (toys, costumes, stuffed animals) lingerie makers, etc, etc, etc.


Val #2



I dearly wish our society would go back and honour the true meaning of Valentine’s Day, without all the spending and gratuity.

Especially for young couples. If they could avoid the whole $150 red roses & $50 giant teddy bears & $300 romantic dinner & $350 jewellery. That’s not love – that’s just spending!

And it’s scary to see that schools over here in Oz, are starting to follow the American trend of children swapping Valentine’s messages.

Say what !?!

Yep – the teacher has a little letterbox in the classroom and the children write little notes or make cards and address them to their friends in the class. Can you see any possible problems with this scenario ?

Legend has it that, Saint Valentine was executed and then honoured for his efforts in secretly marrying Roman centurions against the order of the Caesar. He committed this act as he believed in love.

That is what Valentine’s Day is about.
Love and the commitment to it with another.

So this year – please honour St Valentine’s memory and sacrifice, and make sure that your Love knows how you think and feel. Make the effort to share love with those who are special to you.

Bring back the real Valentine’s Day.
It’s in your power, peeps.


Val #3








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