Baby Elephant



This set of images, is a perfect representation of how I felt at the end of last week and then over the weekend.





Are you feeling as shitty as I am about Rosie Batty‘s award as Australian of the Year (2015)?

Why am I shitty?

Here’s one reason.

Here’s another reason . . . .

. . . .  the Abbott/Liberal/Conservative Government has seen fit to withdraw – yes, take away what is already there – $271 MILLION of funding to community support agencies, such as groups that offer support to women, children and men who suffer from Domestic Violence.

Fuck !!!!!!!

If you are one of the many millions of people who voted for the Abbott Government in the last election – then I suggest you contact your elected member – the one YOU voted in – get them to reverse this decision.


Because it’s effect will be felt for the next TWENTY FIVE Years.

Don’t believe me?
Well stay tuned as I am collating some data to prove my point.
Don’t sit on your laurels now, mouthing “I can’t do anything”.
Fuck that – contact your Liberal Rep and tell them you don’t accept this travesty of Social Justice.

Think it won’t affect you?

Wrong again!
Want proof?
It’s coming – I am going to give you examples in the coming day/weeks.

This is a BIG deal peeps.
A VERY big, BAD deal.







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  1. You are brilliant. I love your mind and your intellect. I am hopeless at engaging in a lot of detailed political discourse. I hear you, loud and clear. We have a mini Tony Abbott as QLD Premier. State election this weekend. Premier might lose his seat to Labor. Lots of slashes and burns here in areas of social justice and health. A lot of people questioning why they voted LNP. I have been shitty over a lot of things this last two years.
    Justification is ‘we need to save money’ but there is a trend with what has been given the hatchet. Some programs were given the chop even though run on the smell of an oily rag.
    Stay as pepped up as that elephant and maintain the RAGE, we love you!!! Xx

    • I have been thinking about you ALL day, today Mel.
      Hopefully the (new?) incoming government will see the value in reinstating all these programs and funding grants. I could go on and on about the value and necessity of these already under-funded social programs, but I’d be venting to the wrong audience.
      Thanks, as always, for saying such lovely things to me – it means SO much to me.


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