Just One More Reason To Become A Hermit



Not even watching this video,
could cheer me up today.





I received the following email this morning.
No wonder I want to live online and not in the real world.




Just feeling sorry for myself?

But I’m tired of trying and failing so much in life.

My “Pollyana” isn’t just fading, I think she’s dying.



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  1. Pia, yes that sucks. Please keep putting it out there. I know this doesn’t help, but, I have had SO many rejections….more than successes. I have never been the person who got everything they applied for. I think it’s great you’ve actioned your part-time income, use this to keep heading towards something that does use your skill-set more. Xxx
    Keep doing creative things and stay on top of the small stuff. I’m off to tidy up a bit, then go for a good walk.

    • God – thanks Mel.
      I was so disappointed – of course – but then I tried to apply some of that ‘resilience’ stuff that other people talk about. It helped. A little bit.

      I know that I just have to keep trying, but not having enough money to buy even the basics is wearing me down. But I WILL keep going.

      I apply for a minimum of one job per week, with no success yet. It’s just that my region has an over abundance of qualified people and an under supply of positions.
      That’s just the way it is.


      Max & I just got back from a 2 hour walk down the beach.
      He's trying to get me moving.
      Enjoy your walk 😀

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