Let Them Eat Cake



I don’t know whether I subscribe to a lot of other blogs.
Is a lot ten blogs? Or is one hundred a lot? I don’t know.
I have my favourites and that’s it.

One of these last types of bloggers/writers, is Eden Riley. I have mentioned Eden before – here and here.

I find her earnest language and her honest delivery of life’s successes and failures, is just so amazing in a world where a filter is applied to almost everything we see. She has just started to publish “Eden News”, which is a simple and short video of what she has seen in the national papers that day.

It’s thoughtful, funny and inspiring.

I dare you to watch until the end.
In fact – I double dare you.

You’ll love me forever!








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  1. I am totally chuffed to be held in such high regard by you, Pia!!! I’m checking out those other blogs! I know you and I would be drawn to one another in a chalkface. We would be hiding in the AV room going on about ALL sorts! You would have been a brilliant librarian, you are so good at finding all sorts of interesting resources and things. Don’t even start me on your paper floras! Keep telling us about what you are doing. Xx

    • Wouldn’t just LOVE to do that one day?
      Sit down with your favourite ‘short person’ and just eat half a cream sponge cake?
      So wicked!


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