Cross Your Fingers For Me, Peeps



I don’t talk about WHAT I do so much as HOW I feel,
here at Pialosophy.
But, I am trying to change that for myself.

So, in this post – I am going to do both.

You see, I am and have been trying for a year to get some decent work for myself.

Yes – I do have part-time work as a Nightfiller at Coles in the next town, but it is REALLY fucking up my sleep and my health. Plus I find it uttlery frustrating to do a mediocre job, when with just a few more seconds at each task I could do a good job.

It kinda drives me nuts!

So for the past 13 months, I have been looking furiously online and in both local papers, to see if I can find a job that would suit me better.

Then last week I found this online . . .

Job Ad

 . . . and I am absolutely shitting myself.

It is due tomorrow and I have been writing and re-writing my application for six full days.

I have approached two professionals in local Job Support positions, to get them to review my application. One was useless (these are the people who are paid to reduce unemployment in my region!!!) and one was beyond awesome. I gushed a lot little when I thanked her.

She took my whole application on Thursday and asked me to come back Friday so she could take some real time to read it and give me feedback. And boy did she go to town on my work (it needed it). She even re-wrote my Resume and saved a copy onto my USB.

What a legend!

So today, I have been trying to implement all the changes and recommendations that she made. The more I type and save, the more I believe that I haven’t got a snowballs chance in hell.

So, please cross your fingers for me, peeps.
I haven’t had a well-paying secure job in ten and a half years and it’s really hurting.
I’m so tired of being poor.







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  1. I am crossing everything for you. Even my eyes, Dolls. You will be brilliant in this role!!! You are a great writer and so aware of everything that goes on in this crazy world of ours. You know, we are both teachers and I know that if we worked at a chalkface we would start a conversation and go on, and on and on about all sorts of stuff. Please promise us that you will be resilient and tough though if you don’t get this place. There is something out there for you. I know. Fingers and toes. Xxxx

    • Hi Mel
      Finger and toes weren’t enough I’m afraid.
      Maybe next time.
      Thanks, as always, for your amazing support.


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