Back To School For Max & Me



Since we lost Jack and Horatio, Max and I have suffered through many moments of disbelief.

I quite often begin a story “Max, one of my dogs”, only to realise that I no longer have three dogs – I only have one. For fifteen years I have said dogs, plural. I brought home Jack and Horatio together. Two fluffy, gorgeous little munchkins. Of which I have no photos as I couldn’t afford a camera at the time. I chose to make memories with two dogs rather than record memories without them.

Jesus I miss them so much.

Max always took his behaviour cues from Jack and Horatio. His manners and eating ritual. His pecking order in the pack. Jack especially guided Max’s way through the world, with other beings such as humans and dogs.

But since their passing, Max has lost his way. And so have I.

I have made small changes to our routine, partly out of sorrow, partly due to my new nighttime working schedule. My swinging mood hasn’t helped. And the repercussions of these changes? Last weekend I visited a girlfriend and her family, including their gorgeous four month old Black Labrador. Her name is Millie.

And Max was a right royal prick towards her. Really defensive and aggressive, even pushing the boundaries by jumping up to nip her while she was in the arms of her 10 year old owner’s daughter. That was the last straw for me. I had to face the fact . . . . .

I am no longer top dog in my household.

Shit storms and turd blossoms !!!

At least this is where one of my strengths come to the fore. Even with my depression, I know that in most situations when faced with a problem – I will seek out the best manner to deal with it. My librarian brain kicks in, despite 10 years hibernation, and I manage to ferret out some gems from the internet.

I’ve got my little shortcuts and frequently visited sites.

And so I stumbled across a slightly dishevelled South African guy, who was also easy on the eye, who lives in New Zealand with his wife and children. He has spent the last nine years perfecting his analysis of dog behaviour and now runs The Online Dog Trainer under the aptly named. Doggy Dan.

Doggy Dan


He offers a $1 three day trial, which is perfect for tightarses financially challenged people like me. I really love his motto which is “No Force, No Fear”. He has a holistic attitude towards handling dogs and he has Five Golden Rules – that I learned in just one morning. He also has three dogs, and this seems like another good reason to take his advice on board.

Dan's three dogs and one his daughters - in total control of the hounds :)

Dan’s three dogs and one his daughters – in total control of the hounds 🙂


Max, on the other hand, is taking a LOT longer to learn these five handy notions. He hasn’t eaten all day, because he doesn’t want to follow the new rules. That’ll last just one day!

And so Max and I are now studying and learning and trying to learn a new way to go forward.

Cross your fingers for me, please peeps.



– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Just a little video as part of my quiet mission to Restore the Internet,
whereby I look for women who deserve the light.
Rather than the likes of Kim K, Miley et al.

I even have a Pinterest Board for it and everything.








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