A Wish List



You know those times when you lie in bed, totally exhausted but still awake?
And you try to find a way to just switch your mind off?

But instead, you keep constructing lists for tomorrow of all the things you need to do.


What about on those hot summer nights when you just can’t get comfy?
You legs are sticking together, the sheets are too light but the doona is too warm.
A wet flannel on your ankles can’t even cool you down.

You know what I do, when I need to get to sleep?


Make a Wish

 Source: Bellafaye Garden Tumblr


In my mind,
I start to make list of wishes.

It’s a LONG list, filled with my passions and some hope and a dash of decadence.
Hey – it’s a Wish List – I can put anything I want on it!

The point is, as soon as I start constructing this list in my mind . . . . I fall asleep.
Dang it!

Current Wish List

  • my car totally serviced & fully detailed inside & out
  • go on a holiday at an expensive beach resort in Vietnam
  • have a renovated kitchen
  • weigh 20 kilos less
  • have a permaculture vege garden with 7 rotating beds
  • have a real shed with all the woodwork tools I’ve dreamed of
  • be blogging daily – and be making a living from it!

So . . . .
what would your Wish List consist of?







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