Desperately Seeking Happiness



Tonight, after 5 hours filling shelves in a busy supermarket, I watched the documentary “Happy“.
Magically the Universe is providing me with the tools to reboot my psyche.

I’m on my way!


 Moment of Happiness


The Happy Jar: The Moment


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  1. Dear Pia,
    I am buoyed by your last two posts!!! Definitely get back into the swing with work and PPH. Are you still organising the arts and craft market? I have already told you I filled shelves for a while. I got quite good at it! Just don’t cut through the cardboard box and pierce soft drink bottles!!! Lol. My little poodle Ginger is still chugging along (17 years…) I always think of you when I think about him dying – but I know I have to be brave about it. Xxx
    Love from the East.

    • Oh Mel
      So much in this one comment from you. TY. xx

      I discovered two mammoth ‘things’ last year and although they were the heaviest information I’ve ever encountered, I had to make a choice between being weighed down by them knowledge or use this knowledge to move forward.

      I am trying so hard to just be happy.

      Please give Ginger (& his mate) some real love from me.
      Happy New Year.


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