And The Villain Is French Champagne


Sometime last year, I stumbled across a gem of a find in my local bottle shop (liquor store).
It was a bottle of French Champagne that only cost $20.
Yep – just TWENTY dollars.

And it was good.

But that’s not even the most alluring part of my tale.
This green bottle containing the golden bubbles that travelled all the way from France,
was preservative and chemical free.
And do you know what that translates to?

No hangover!


Oh em gee.
I had discovered Nirvana.
Well, perhaps a sample of Nirvana.

And so, up until a couple of months ago, whenever I managed to put aside the required $20, I purchased myself a bottle of the wondrous bubbles.
I drank from a traditional champagne glass as seen with Audrey in “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”.
Handblown glass from Vietnam, if you don’t mind!


And can you guess what the consequence was?

Actually, there’s no need to guess, just go back and read my posts from the last ten months.

I know that in hindsight it seems SO blatantly obvious that the consumption of alcohol would exacerbate my Clinical Depression [or **Asthma as I coded it].
Alcohol is of course technically a Depressant.
Derrrrrrrr, Pia !!!

But I wasn’t partaking of a glass (or ten) EVERY night.
It was just once in a while.
When I could find the money.

Then a few months ago in early July, I decided to reboot my ‘I Quit Sugar’ efforts and give up alcohol at the same time. The process was as simple as that. I haven’t missed the alcohol, but I have missed the action of drinking. The pouring of golden nectar into the cute little glass. The sound of the bubbles as they cascaded into the glass.

Oh my god – the sound of the bubbles!

It just felt awesome to sit at my desk and tap away at my keyboard, pausing every now and then to take a sip. So grown up. So sophisticated. So glam! Ooh la la.

But that has all changed.

And when you no longer drink, can I just say that the consumption of alcohol on tv, movies, etc is actually pretty high. Like WAY high. Whenever Penny on the “Big Bang Theory” is in her flat – she’s drinking wine. Whenever two guys are talking in a movie – they’ve got beer. Whenever a rich movie character gets home – they pour a scotch from a heavy crystal decanter. Next time you turn the tv on or watch a movie, take note. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

But there is a silver lining.

Bit by bit, I appear to be coming out of the darkest, heaviest of fogs.

I’m not getting ahead of myself, I am just making a record for myself. Here on my own Blog.
I no longer consume alcohol,
and my future looks quietly brighter.

“I may just be ok”, she whispers to herself.







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  1. Pia, damn straight about alcohol being the villain. I get a serious PAD (post-alcohol depression). I am very strict with how and when I drink…
    You are so right about it being everything!!!
    I am happy you feel a little more buoyant…I thank you for telling me the things in your last posts…but never know what to say back.
    Btw you look beautiful with your brunette ‘do. Xxxx

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