The Sheer Stupidity Of The Masses


You know just one of the things that makes me lose faith in basic humanity?
My Electorate.

Today we had a Bi-Election for our electoral area (Vasse) within the Lower House (Legislative Assembly) in my state (Western Australia).

You see, my electoral representative was this man:

Troy Buswell

Troy Buswell

A man who

  • cheated on his wife (with a married woman) while an elected official (I won’t mention how many times it happened while he wasn’t an elected official),
  • made offensive comments towards women in Parliament (who can forget the ‘Chair Sniffing’ affair?),**
  • committed numerous driving infringements while he was our State Treasurer,
  • and, crashed his government car, because he was drunk.

Now, I know a LOT of intelligent people in my town, thanks to my community work and owning a small business for half of the years that I’ve lived here. BUT, this is firmly a conservative (Liberal Party) town. Voting for the best candidate has very little to do with the politics down here, meaning – even intelligent people act like sheep.

Brainless and just following the leader!

Here are just some of the opinions I have heard from people who voted FOR him, as a means of defence against of the aspersions thrown at him.

From a woman who is a pro breast feeding advocate who actively removes “On Sale” stickers from nestle milk containers in shops and pharmacies – “He’s just a boy who never grew up. He’s harmless.”.

From a woman who grew on up in poverty, violence and substance abuse, who has never had a job and had five kids while on welfare, but is now married to a wealthy man who owns a successful business – “He has a proven track record for finance because he built up a successful medium sized business” (FTR – he bought a successful business from his parents-in-law).

From a member of the Liberal Party (who was once a possible chance as the representative in the position as Member for Vasse) and a farmer and member of one of the founding families in the area – “His antics will catch up with him. The party currently see him as the ‘Second Coming’, but his past will have to catch up with him”. This comment was made after he first won the seat, but before he won it another TWO times.

From a woman who had to work two jobs because her husbands’ business wasn’t very successful, and who scraped for even the smallest luxury (i.e. flooring [carpet, etc] at their seven year old house) – “I vote for him (his party) because that’s what my parent’s always voted. But just make sure you don’t go near him, because he pinches the arse of every waitress and if he gets you alone you might find yourself pinned up against a wall being propositioned!” Said at a NYE function where we were both waitresses. His (then) wife was also present at this function.

And people wonder why I’m depressed?!?




** Type ‘chair sniffing‘ into your browser
and you’ll see that Buswell is No1.

I voted for this guy.
He owns a local restaurant, he’s faithful to his partner, Sharon and they have three young-adult sons.
His niece use to be my hairdresser (when I could afford to get my hair done).
His brother also owns a local small business.

Peter Gordon

Peter Gordon


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