Where The Fuck Is My Solution?


I am working SO hard to stay alive and find a smidgeon of happiness.
Even just a glimmer.

I read.
I watch.
I listen.
I learn.
I implement change.

I am re-training in a new career.
I am creating an online business.
I am teaching myself how to build a website.

I have a part-time job, working nightfill at a local supermarket.
It’s in the next town from mine.
A more affluent town.
And it’s starting to get to me.
The consumption.
The sheer volume of stuff that is taken and replaced on a daily basis.
It makes me feel . . . . something.
I don’t know what.
It’s not a difficult job,
but I really dislike doing it.


Today was Jack & Horatio’s birthday.


I’m empty and alone and cold.


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  1. Dear Pia,
    I totally relate to you about your boys. Just now watching Ginger maul a cushion to death by his front paws as best he can at 17 years old! He’ll be exhausted in a tic.
    I also understand a lot you say…your thinking is complex and deep, and you write beautifully.
    If I lived in Perth, you and I would be friends. We would do a lot of eye-rolling and be letting out ‘I knows….’ and nodding in unison. I agree with all of your life and current affairs commentary in every blog as you are a compassionate and beautiful soul.
    Btw!!! I night-filled after I resigned from teaching for a little while. I liked the repetitive nature of it and the fact that no-one got on my nerves!! LOL.
    Xxxxx PS you never replied about about our swap deal for your huge fleur… Still waiting in the East.

    • Oh Mel
      I have been avoiding you, as I feel like a leper. Infectious and isolated.
      Of course I would LOVE to make you some flowers.
      Would you mind emailing me the area (size) that you would like them? Perhaps also include, if you would alike a colour ‘blush’ to the petals 🙂
      Thank you for your words. Especially your compliments. They mean so much to me.


      You nailed me with the 'eye-roll' statement 😉

      • Fabulous! Are you happy to do a swap?
        You need a big fleur atop your head for the craft markets you do!!!

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