What Is ‘Beautiful’?


A gargantuan element of my current mental crisis, is the growing yawn I am seeing in our culture between age and beauty.

I don’t really feel that I can eloquently describe what I am trying to say here. All I can vocalise is that more than ever, the wealthy are the only ones who able to acquire and retain beauty. Fillers, chemical peels, plastic surgery, botox – are creating a kind of beauty elite, that is absolutely unavailable to the majority of the masses. I utterly despair at the number of actors, models, politicians, business people, bloggers, reporters, sports people & doctors who find it a necessity to anti-age rather than age gracefully.

And I know that this gap between wealthy & poor has existed for eons, since wealth/poverty/beauty was begun.

But, when 19 year old models/actors (Gomez) are receiving quarterly botox injections, AND character actors (like De Niro), chefs (Ramsay) and world leaders (Putin – yes, Putin).
I mean – fuck, even Gaddafi had botox, fillers and plastic surgery.
WTF !!!


And for someone who has NEVER been seen as even remotely pretty, let alone beautiful, who has a personality that is confronting and ‘too opinionated’, who is slightly overweight and of average height, who is poor, and who lives in the same society as all the men & women who feel that they have to retard the onset of ageing – I feel like I am growing even more unattractive, even more invisible.


I cannot shut down all that I am seeing and reading. All that is around me. I can’t shut off the overwhelming sense of disconnection that I am travelling through.


I simply cannot ignore what I am feeling.
What I am learning.
What I know.







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  1. Wow what a powerful post!! I felt like commenting half way through this but I just had to get to the end. I love this!! Soooo true 🙂 I still believe that true beauty is skin deep. Thanks for this. You really gave me something to think about. Have a great day.

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