I Am So ‘Wrong’


I am trying SO very hard to stay above the choppy sea. I can’t shut off the ‘sinking’. The constant thoughts of how and why I am like this and comparing myself to others – more successful than I.

Not for the first time, I am questioning why I feel so deeply and think so intently.

I have been compiling another post for days, outlining just how murky my thoughts are at the moment. I’ve already typed 780 words and I’m not even close to completing it. My brain is oozing thoughts and the cycle of analysis isn’t bringing me any closer to enlightenment or closure.

I am sinking.


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  1. Well your first mistake is comparing yourself and your life to others. It does not help or serve any purpose.

    You are sucessful in your way your sold out school holliday classes show that you are liked and respected.

    Big hugs be you, and remember the dark days eventually come to an end and even though it is super hard to believe in these moments it truly does, can and will get better.

    Big Hugs

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