Clams are one of my favourite sea creatures – as they are delicious!

The most wonderful culinary memory I have of clams, is of the simply sublime Clam Chowder I devoured on the foreshore of San Francisco Bay in 1996. It was the first time I had tasted clam chowder and I will never forget the silky, thick broth and seriously considered having a second bowl. It was so good.

And I’ve never really been able to repeat this gastronomic nirvana. It was that good!





One of the most negative side effects of my long-term *Asthma*, has been the learning and perfecting how to isolate myself from others.

Initially it was a coping mechanism when I was feeling ‘blue’ and unable to communicate this to people around me. It became necessary as a teacher, to be able to hide my emotional state and just get on with the job. In hindsight, I still view this as a step that helped me cope longer than I would have otherwise.

As my condition worsened over the years, I started to really look at the condition as a chronic illness – rather than just something I had to get ‘over’ – and researched how I could deal with it. I had more failures than successes in dealing with my *Asthma*, and the people around me, the people I had the strongest bonds with, started to alter their behaviour towards me. They were just as exhausted with my *Asthma* as I was.

In their fatigued state, my loved ones reacted with frustration and mild anger – regularly ‘guilting’ me by admonishing my inability to communicate my *Asthma* with them. In their pain and helplessness, they were upset that I hadn’t reached out. They didn’t understand that to cope I had to isolate myself.

To cope – I just clammed up.


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