The Flip-Side of Intelligence, Is Hair Loss


Some times I feel rather clever.

Like when I can judge who the ‘killer’ is in a novel that I am reading or when I anticipate the outcome of a political scenario, like my Local State Representative falling on his stiffened sword. (Although, it took longer than I thought it would!) Or in cases where I manage to plan for a future eventuality and have the steps, funds or processes in place to deal with it.

And then – there are those times when I am dumb.

Like tonight.
When I managed to singe off, all the hairs on the back of my left hand while making my dinner.

What a bloody idiot!

Oh well, at least when I watch “Bletchley Circle” on iView tonight, I will have worked out the exciting climax before the conclusion of the program, as I will have my ‘smarts’ switched back on.

Won’t I?!?


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