Simple Solution


I did the stupidest thing yesterday.

I went clothes shopping.

I strongly and intensely dislike shopping for clothes, because I am forced to look in the mirror. And I never like what I see. Ruddy complexion, lank mousey brown hair, and the size of it! Ohmygod, it just keeps getting bigger.

And I don’t ever remember becoming this big. I would easily be over eighty kilos. Maybe over eighty five. I don’t know. I don’t have scales or even a full-length mirror in my house. I have no idea from one day to the next, what I look like.

So looking at myself in a mirror in a shop yesterday, was a HUGE shock.

And so today, I have been moping in a disgusting pool of self-loathing. Berating myself and accusing myself of being lazy and weak. Really helpful discussion – you know what I mean!!!

And then I watched an episode of “New Girl” with Zooey Deschanel, and all the negativity just ebbed away. Sort of like a soft evening tide gently breaking down a child’s sandcastle built during the day. It just . . . . .  went away.


So thank you Zooey.




Thank you so frickin much!








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  1. Pia Dear, I am glad you a feeling a little buoyed today. I am weighing in here. You know I love clothes and new stuff, but I NEVER try stuff on in stores. I never shop with other girls and seek their opinion either. I am 5 10 inches tall, a good size 14. And, I love myself sick. (LOL) I can look as shocking as the next bod without makeup on and my face is dropping and I am getting my mum’s double chin. Have just spent a long weekend in Sydney, eating all sorts of food and drink. Flew home and have just done a 7km walk – do you think I felt like that? Errr…No. My simple solution is walking, regularly, not saying that is going be a magic solution for all. My happiness has never been inextricably linked to Mr Right either. I spent the best part of 20 years single when I was ‘in my prime!!!’. Keep talking to us, we love you. Xxx

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