What Should I Hope For?


My journey with my *Asthma* has led to many discussions, possibilities and scenarios, the overarching theme being: is it worth being alive if you aren’t happy living?

And so many arguments can be made about the quality of life and the purpose of being alive.
How much misery should one Being take on board before deciding,
that living is just a mere existence?

There is this word in the English language – HOPE – that defies logic.
It speaks of the preposterous potential of lightness, brevity and happiness. And it is inherent in our existence as Human Beings that Hope is part of our genetic makeup. Part of our DNA. The survival of the species. The inherent and basic need to survive!

And it makes me genuinely wonder at the reality of *Asthma*.

Does *Asthma* take away the basic ability to see the potential of the future?
Does it rob us of the possibility of our state of mind to improve?
Does it take away our chance to dream of a brighter time to come?

If I were to look at myself in the mirror today,
as I had to,
and see a forty four year old woman, who was at least twenty kilograms (ten pounds) overweight
with grey roots in her hair
and a mildy furrowed brow,
should I see what is in fact in front of me
or should I see the potential that is lying within?

A thinner woman.
A happier self.
A brighter person.
An amazing Being?

If I delete the *Asthma* and focus purely on the reality, what would be my assessment?

What should I hope for?









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