One Of The Few Things That Makes Me ‘Hate’


There is one word that I avoid quite strenuously.
I believe that it is overused by most of us,
and I believe that it’s true meaning can be seen as diluted because of it’s overuse.

I very, rarely use it.

But tonight – I say quite vehemently that I HATE.
I hate a person.
A man.

And his name is George Pell.

Cardinal George Pell

Cardinal George Pell

He is the head of the catholic church in Australia.

This man has consistently and persistently, lied, bullied, manipulated, threatened, covered up and deliberately overlooked, ALL cases of Child Abuse, as brought to him by members of his own church whether they be priests, nuns, parishioners, teachers or children, for the past FORTY years.

To say that he is a vile human being, is a massive, massive understatement.

If it ever happened to pass, that this man was kidnapped, tortured and then videoed – finally admitting to his litany of lies and imperious treatment of victims of child abuse at the hands of members of the catholic church – then I would not only feel no sorrow for the pain inflicted on him, but I would openly celebrate that just a fraction of justice was metered out to him.

In Australia, he is the face of one of the most conservative religions, and yet he is one of the most depraved and repugnant men to have ever drawn a breath of valuable oxygen.

I believe that he is worth hating.

And despite all of the evidence,
I genuinely believe that he will NEVER be forced to suffer for his sins
or will ever be held accountable in a meaningful way.

I believe that in this day and age,
despite all the media coverage, social media, camera phones and societal exposure available
– he will get away with everything








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