I gifted myself an escape today.
An escape from reality – the chores, jobs, lists and goals.

I didn’t get out of bed until 9:30. No alarm, just waking up naturally – it was awesome. And the calm just stayed with me through the rest of the day as I flittered from one activity to the next.

And when weighing up my choices for the day, I decided, that the most important task was to go see a movie. So I made a trip to our local cinema and although I arrived after the previews and ads had run, I managed to sit down with a couple of minutes to spare, to get my chocolate and pepsi in the perfect position before the movie started flickering on the big screen.


I don’t even know what to say about the movie (in general there were flaws and giant holes in the plot) except that I LOVED it. I loved that the character was imperfect, with thick black eyeliner globbing in the corners of her eyes and the dark roots of an overdue blonde dye job. I loved that there were numerous close-ups of Morgan Freeman’s speckled and wrinkled face. I love that the majority of the film reflected that there are more people of Asian decent on this Earth than any other nationality. I love that the movie was set in Asian and European cities and not in the USA.

But mostly,
mostly I loved that the hero was a woman.

A woman who didn’t scream but who hyperventilated to try to keep her calm.
A strong woman who regardless of who/what she evoked into, was intrinsically an intelligent being.

She spoke intelligently.
She projected an air of ‘no bullshit’.
She never squealed.

Thank you Scarlett for portraying a scared woman who using her intellect rather than her voicebox to deal with it.

Thank you Luc for creating a character who I can actually relate to (not the SUPER intelligence obviously, but the acknowledgement of her reality and her approach towards violence and fear).

“Lucy” – thank you for letting me escape my overwhelming life and for giving me ‘something’ quite indescribable, for the rest of my day.


And I mean this so sincerely
as I type with one hand as the other holds a glass of (cheap) French champagne.







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