Jesus – I Need A Holiday!


There is something VERY wrong with me. Aside from the usual issues and madness. My psyche is really out of whack!

I’ve been drinking coke for two and a half weeks and eating ice-cream, as if the last eighteen months of my I Quit Sugar journey never happened. And I’m feeling anxious. Like I’m running out of time. For what? I don’t fucking know. There just seems to be this underlying tension to my days, jostling me towards . . . .


I’m making my daily lists, drinking heaps of water, making and completing craft projects each day, plotting and planning my next Creative Co-Op, trying to write posts for my other blogs, making sure I’m touching Max a few times a day so he doesn’t feel lonely, doing the washing.

But something is wrong.

Something is very wrong and I feel like I need to be separated from who and what I am. I need a break from myself.

Jesus – I really am a weirdo!







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