“Australians? They’re Just Basically English Rednecks”


Apparently Robin William’s love affair with Australia ended a LONG time ago. I can’t say I blame him. More and more frequently, I am embarrassed to have to admit, that I am, myself, an Australian.

We really just continue to behave appallingly.

We vilified our last Prime Minster because she was a woman, for what she wore, her accent, her unmarried status, how she got the Top Job, when she tripped in her high heels on a patch of grass, and of course her hair colour !!!

If you are an intelligent and/or strong and/or forthright woman in Australian society,
then you can look forward to the following applause from the masses:

“Don’t get your knickers in a wad”
“Take a chill-pill”
“Get over yourself”
“Oooo the Feminist has a bee in her bonnet”
“Take a teaspoon of cement and harden the fuck up, princess”

Such classics!

Recently, we (Australians, that is) have immersed ourselves in a boiling cesspool of misogyny and name calling. There are teems of young men in Australia who are foaming anti-feminist and pro-sexist argument, in response to the actions of two – yes just two – women’s opinion.

And what is the society-shattering opinion that Paula Orbea and Lucy Clark have shared?

They objected to this . . . .

Personally addressed to journalist - Lucy Clark

Personally addressed to journalist – Lucy Clark

and this . . .

The slogan Paula had to define for her 11 year old daughter

The slogan Paula had to define for her 11 year old daughter

and these . . .


Such witticisms

Such witticisms


What is quite shocking about the hullabaloo, isn’t the criticism and personal assault that the women have faced – it is in fact, that they have had a victory.


Paula started a petition on Change.Org to try to force the crass and unethical owner of Wicked Campers, John Webb, to remove all misogynistic wording from all of their vans – Australia wide!

But that’s not all!

John Webb has actually apologised,
“we admit that we have taken things out of proportion and out of the realms of what is considered to be ‘socially acceptable”,


the Australian Federal Senate has now passed a motion, as introduced by Larissa Waters of the Greens, condemning the use of the sexist, racist and misogynistic slogans on Wicked Camper vans.

LOVE your work Larissa!

Amazingly, there is still more change underway,
as seen by the creative and wonderful Stef Burgon . . . .


If you wouldn't say it to your Nan . . .

If you wouldn’t say it to your Nan . . .



yes there is a ‘but’,

I am really concerned that the argument of all those (men and women) who were vocal in their objection to the offensive words on Wicked Camper vehicles, wasn’t understood by those who would most benefit from the knowledge. . . . .

. . . young men!

If you read the “Comments” on the numerous links in this post, you will see ‘trolls’ who make no discernible argument in support of John Webb’s company. You will however, see poor grammar and spelling, illogical arguments, name calling, put downs, etc.

And this leads me to the very essence of my thoughts . . .

I have a real issue with our modern society – we don’t ‘get’ how we objectify women.

And I am the first to admit that I cannot adequately argue the issue – I get emotional and lose track of my thoughts, so as not to make any real impact.

Although I am a HUGE believer in the small things making a real difference – I have an underlying fear that we – as a society – are not doing enough to recognise how we mistreat women and how we in fact, promote the abuse and subjugation of the fairer gender.

I am scared that it took 40 years for Rolf Harris’s victims to see justice.

I am scared that pornography is a mainstream ‘pastime’.

I am scared that our society is wary and damning of Islam because it has secular groups that refuse women education, health care, etc – yet this same society endorses botox, ‘Hooters’, bikini competitions in pubs, ‘Zoo’ magazine, etc.

I am scared because if a woman says that ‘something is sexist’ – she is condemned as being a Wowser or a Nanna or a Feminist. Like any or all of these things are a negative!!!

I’m scared that in 2014, I am as likely to get raped in my own home as any woman in the 1970’s.


I am scared that despite all of our media and technology and education,
our whole society stills treats women as ‘less’.







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