I Miss My Beloved Jack So Much

Jack in January 2006

Jack in January 2006, after a walk on the beach and then a roll in the red gravel of the carpark!


I just miss holding him. I love him so much.
My heart aches.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

There is usually little joy in the mundane activity of grocery shopping. Traipsing up and down aisles, scratching itemised produce from a list and the eventual wrestle with plastic shopping bags & their contents – does not a fun time make.

But today, I didn’t find it so taxing,
as I only needed to purchase the necessary items to make my all-time-favourite meal . . . . Spag Bog.

And as a bonus, on my way home I was listening to Lewie McKirdy on Triple J this afternoon, and he mentioned a video he was currently addicted to. After a fair bit of sleuthing online, I finally stumbled on to this frickin’ fantastic music video by Canadian songstress Kiesza (pronounced Kaiser).

Watch and listen while being transported to 1989.
(Coincidentally this is the year Kiesza was born – jaysus, I am SO old!!!)



My god,
the dance moves, the clothes . . . . . the memories!







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  1. Pia, I know exactly how you must feel. I’ll be the same. Love the photo. Once I took Ginger to the beach. He had a splash in the water, then went berserk rolling in the sand. Ughhhh. I had to the transport him for an hour back to the city. He kept shaking in the car. Sand flew everywhere. I drove along screaming. LOL.

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