An Amazing Day


Despite having *Asthma*, the reality is, I have a normal day-to-day life. I have to feed my dog, eat food, shower, brush my teeth, poop! Although I’m not working at the moment after losing my job in difficult circumstances last December, the reality is I still fill each day with ‘stuff’.

That’s life.

But if I’m being honest with myself, I can’t quite admit to owning a ‘normal’ life. My day-to-day requires fuel, personal grooming and certain responsibilities, but other than that I have built a pretty unusual existence.

I spend a minimum of five hours a day making things. With paper or timber, old palettes, modelling clay, plants, old books, ribbon, fabric, canvases, paint, lace, crayons, wire, household items (like pegs), and sSO MUCH MORE.

I absolutely adore being creative.

I have developed a keen sense that EVERY human being needs to have a creative outlet. An activity that stretches the ligaments of the imagination and exercises our curiosity – to try to create something new. A recipe, a handmade card, a new garden bed, a diy home remedy, a new set of musical cords, a flower arrangement, a cocktail!

And I feel like I am good at nurturing creativity in others.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

8 months ago I decided that I wanted to have an outlet to sell all the things I made. My flowers, my diy craft kits, my  altered vintage books, my palette derived home decor, my handmade paper flowers, my bunting, my mercury glass, my hair clips, my paper garlands, my twig hearts, my feather canvases, my fancy tags,  my paint swatch art, my vintage tin pansy containers, and so much more.

However all the outlets in my town and surrounding region that allow me to sell my creative wares, are all bait – wrong!

There is no handmade markets in my area, so I only have the choice of attending market that also house fruit & veg, bali imports, secondhand books, secondhand clothes, etc. It’s not ideal.

PLUS – all the markets in my area are outdoors, and as most of my goods are paper-based this means quite often . . . disaster (or at the least, soggy or sun-scorched products). Surely I could find a market-style outlet for my hand,made goods?!? There are so many people in my areas (South West, Western Australia) that value highly the novelty and quality of handmade and crafted items.

But I couldn’t.

So I started my own Indoor Market-Style outlet . . . . the Busselton Creative Co-Op.

It took eight months of wrangling with my local Council and lots and lots of paperwork. An insane amount of paperwork. Then just three and a half weeks ago, I was given notice that I had permission to run our first Co-Op on Saturday 12th July. TODAY!

So I work even harder than I had in the previous 8 months – I promoted the shit out of it on Facebook and I organised Public Liability Insurance and I booked and paid for the venue and I designed and paid for newspaper advertisements and I spoke to numerous people about selling their handmade produce AND I organised thirteen stalls to attend our Co-Op today.

All on my own.

And I have to tell you – I was absolutely and completely blown away with the number of people who attended our first Co-Op. We easily had over 200 people attend over the space of your and a half hours. people were turning up one hour before we even opened! I am still trying to come to terms with our success. My town – Busselton – is notorious for not supporting local events. And here we were, with throng after throng of people, looking at and buying our handcrafted goods.

I need to find a way to actually take on board what I achieved today. I am too adept at deferring the positives in my life. Today/tonight needs to be different.

What I managed to pull off today was nothing short of a coup!

But this wasn’t the end of my Amazing Day.

When I left the grounds, after packing my little Beep Beep and cleaning the hall, I dropped into my local liquor store to buy a bottle of champagne. And I bumped into one of the ladies who I had worked with in my previous job. I hadn’t spoken to her since November last year. She was SO happy to see me and was so apologetic about what had happened to me. She was just so sincere in her desire to see me happy and in gainful employment. So after I had explained about the Co-Op and our success of the day, she was so upbeat and happy for me.

She gave me a big hug and told me that I deserved nothing short of happiness.

It was just the most awesome, amazing day.

My imagination finds no need to rest. As long as my hands can move and my eyes can see, I will create beautiful things.


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