Dates After All, Are Only Scratchings On A Stone


Will you leave a legacy?

More than the children you give life to, or the blog that resides on the Interweb or possibly even a creation or invention of some sort? Do you ever look back at luminaries like Nikola Tesla and give thanks for their incredible generosity on top of their gifts? I do.

I find these people to be inspirational, and although I don’t imagine I’ll aspire to having my name and achievements etched in stone, I would at least like to think that I will make a positive change for even a few other souls on this Earth.


A School For


Last week, I met a young Australian man on Facebook – called Mike Smith – and he is building a school. Yep a school, an entire school. The school will be built in Sitaung, Myanmar (Burma). Mike and his partner, Alyssa Carter, are raising funds to build the school via a crowd funding site called They need $15,000 to fully fund the school, buy supplies for the children AND hire two teachers for a year.

While I can only donate $5, it is still something. Can you afford $5? Or perhaps even $25? Whatever the amount, your contribution will leave a legacy of hope and quite possibly the escape from the cycle of poverty for a whole generation of children in an entire village.

Donate Now


Pretty amazing don’t you think?

You can ‘Like’ their FB page to keep an eye on their progress.







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