It’s Only The Little People Who Can Change The World


The ONLY way we will ever make a dent in the trade of human slaves in South America, or the rape of girls in India, or the trafficking of sex slaves from Eastern Europe, or drug manufacturing in America, or genocide in Central Africa, or the poisoning of a delicate water environment by a global corporation, or hate crimes in Australasia – it is up to the little people to stand up and say “No”.

The Average Person, the Every Man, the General People.

WE must be the ones to make the change happen. It is the ONLY way.








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  1. So true, Pia!!! I love these posts of yours! You are a great communicator, hope you continue to feel better each day, I know it sounds trite, but try to focus on sleep – good food – and, only GOOD people…steer clear of those who don’t nurture you. Xxx

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