There Is So Much I Don’t Know – Isn’t There?


My soul is aching.
The heaviness won’t lift.

The misery is almost comforting.
Wouldn’t it be unfeeling to be happy, so soon after losing my beloved Jack?
Would I be wrong?

I know he was just a dog.
I know!

But I loved him SO much.

He was just such a beautiful thing.

But then I think . . .

about all the mothers who have lost their babies, and wives who have lost their husbands, and the parents with missing children, and children with missing parents . . . .

and my grief is put in check.

For a moment.

Because I miss him SO much.

My beautiful, beloved Jack.

Beautiful Boy

Beautiful Boy







About amelied

A lass who is so excited at the prospect of being creative or imaginative, and who coincidentally strives every day to engender a more tolerant world.

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  1. It’s okay to be sad Amelie, and of course some might have ‘greater reasons’ for grief. I will be sad when my 15 y/o poodle passes. Try to look after yourself though, go walking, listen to good music, east well. Do you have a friend you really love being around? Seek them out. Steer clear of those ‘who may not understand’. And, darling promise if the fog doesn’t shift you see a professional please. Xxxx love from the East.

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