Do YOU Want To Quit Sugar?



I have been committed to ‘quitting’ SUGAR
for the better part of twelve months now.




It’s been an absolute liberation.

I have read four books on the topic and am a subscriber
to the blogs of David Gillespie and Sarah Wilson.

At the moment David has a publication available
-for just $7 –
which lists ALL the products available in Australia
that do NOT contain more than 3% sugar.

Click here to view more details


I cannot stress enough,
just how damaging SUGAR is
to our bodies.

I’ve also set up a Pinterest board to help myself
‘pin’ helpful info
-including recipes –
as an easy reference.


The notion of QUITTING sugar,
is actually the decision and process to
eliminate your body of the ADDICTION to sugar,
by foregoing the consumption of sugar in all forms,
for a period of 8 – 12 weeks

This process then re-boots the
metabolism of the body
and it’s reliance on sugar as a ‘faux’ energy source
and a proven increaser of deadly fat deposits in the body.

The aim is to consume no more than 5 teaspoons of sugar a day,
which is in line with WHO’s new guidelines
(and about time too).







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