‘Cause I’m good with animals



Tonight I watched an episode of “Parks and Recreation” with Amy Poehler, etc. . . . It’s a bloody witty program, and just quietly – I love that a chick is the main/lead character.

So cool!

Lesley: “. . . but most importantly, you’re passionate about animals”
April: “That’s true, because I’m half wolf”




When people compliment me on how good I am with animals,
particularly dogs,
I like to say that I’m a dog on the inside.
April’s version sounds a little less ‘bitchy’.


I just wanted to give you an update on Jack. He’s definitely been aged by the intestinal injury he suffered three weeks ago, but somehow, he is stilling waddling (and I do mean waddling) through each day.

He’s not in pain, drinking plenty of water and is eating normal food.




I am so grateful


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