just reach out



I believe that a lot of the problems we have in society today, stem directly from our physical distance from each other. We tough each other less. Teachers MUST NOT touch students, even a hand on the shoulder or touching an arm. All men are looked upon as pedophiles as soon as they are seen with a young girl in public. We communicate with more and more people via social media, mobile phones and the Interweb, but we don’t actually have CONTACT with them.

So much can change for a person, when they are touched.

A touch by a fellow human being is not only comforting, it is also healing.




If you see a mate or a friend or a colleague you admire – touch them.
Shake their hand or give them a hug or put your hand on their upper arm. See their face warm up. See a smile in their eyes.

It’s magical.







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  1. Darling, I hope your little pup is okay. Difficult times, my poodle is 15 y/o!! I understand you. :/ Stay positive.
    Important to know when or if we might need Vet intervention; I’ve been bracing myself for a while. Xxx

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