Slack Sunday – Sheer Heaven


I’ve spent the majority of today, just chillin’.

It’s been quite enlightening to just move around the house,
do odd jobs, giving Jack love and attention, treating Horatio & Max to some yummy bits.

I’ve actually managed to clear out two old boxes of crap today as well.
You know the rubbish you collect over the years?
It was nice to get rid of it.

Jack is also having a better day.
He actually ate some real food today. Eight of his dog biscuits. Just eight, but it was like a miracle. It was so great to watch. Who’d have thought that a week ago I would have been so excited about something so seemingly insignificant?



I have no idea what tomorrow holds, but I’m not looking at it with such trepidation.

I’m not optimistic, just grateful!

Do you hear me?
I’m not taking Jack’s health for granted, I’m just grateful.










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  1. Sunday mornings are the best times for just living. Existing. Doing the things which make you happy without the expense and stress of Saturday night activities. Having said that, Sunday mornings are an excellent way to recover from these activities.
    Pyjamas, juice and puppy dogs – it doesn’t get any better than that.

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