I’m Losing Him


He’s going. I know he’s going. I am preparing myself. I think. I don’t know. How can I, in all reality? He is the LOVE OF MY LIFE. No single person on this Earth has loved me so unconditionally. No human being has been there for me for so long. Not ONE single human. Just my dog – Jack. My beloved Jack. He’s getting weaker and weaker. He hasn’t eaten in 24 hours. I am feeding him water and meds via a 3ml syringe hoping to keep any pain and discomfort and thirst at bay. Being thirsty when you can’t move is awful. It saps your will. I don’t want him to hurt. I don’t want to keep him alive, to ease my own pain. If it is his time, then I accept it. I love him so much. I love him. God – this hurts so much.

I love you Jack.

I will always love you beautiful, beautiful Jack.

You are my soulmate.

IMG_4014 Jack 2.4.14 - So sick Jack 2.4.14 Jack 2.4.14 - So sick, thought he would die


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  1. A beautiful dog and friend. He looks a little like my younger sister’s poodle. All she ever wanted was a ‘white dog.’ When she was 9 she got a fluffy cream poodle. It was the most amazing day of her life. Honey sleeps on her bed and even snaps at her brothers when they are annoying her!

    Dogs are such true friends to us. Jack has been a true friend to you. All the best to you.

    • Thanks Naked Banana.

      It can not be overstated just how much more ‘humanity’ dogs share with us than our own species.

      They are just, honest and happy creatures.

      I am now just grateful for every minute he is with me – pain free.
      Thanks for sharing your sister’s story (you’re not one of THE brothers are you?!? ;).
      It meant a lot!

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