Is It Death?

On my lap & he's shaking :(

On my lap & he’s shaking 😦

I’m struggling with the greatest reality of life . . . .  death!

My beloved dog, Jack, who is fourteen and a half years old is is really unwell. I don’t know what’s wrong with him. I can’t afford a visit to the vet. But I rationalised against a guilt trip buy reminding myself that other  than putting him on a drip to keep him hydrated, they couldn’t do much for him.

He does look uncomfortable – he’s barely walked all day – and he hasn’t eaten or drank all day. He can keep his head up, but it’s almost like his back end is ‘wobbly’. It almost looks like he’s got constipation and is too sore to move.

Im scared but I’m just more concerned that he not be in pain.

I am syringing 5ml of water into his mouth every half hour plus I have given him six  cod liver oil capsules – in case he does have a bowel obstruction. I just don’t want to take my eyes off him.

Please don’t let it be his ‘time’. And if it is – then please let him go without pain. I love him so much. More than anything or anyone else.





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